Spring cleaning is a ritual that some people dread and others look forward to. If you’re the type of person who feels that it’s a difficult process, various strategies can make it a bit more manageable. Yes, it’ll still involve plenty of work. But at least the following tips will make this seemingly large project less overwhelming.

Establish Your Goals

The first step is to simply break the project into smaller tasks. Spend some time wandering from room to room, making a list of everything that needs to be done. For example: Does any furniture need to be rearranged? Is the living room’s ceiling fan in dire need of dusting? Do you want to apply a fresh coat of paint to a bedroom? It might help to arrange your tasks according to scope or importance.

Head outside and take a look at the exterior of your home and your yard space. Are any gutters damaged? Is the yard covered in dead leaves and branches? Is the fence in need of repair? Write down everything you eventually want to fix up.
Happy man standing with vacuum cleaner in dining room at home
Now take your list and create a cleaning schedule. You can easily squeeze in small tasks, such as dusting and rearranging the furniture, into slots of time before and after work. For example, instead of watching TV in the evening after work, take a half hour to complete a small task on your list. Larger tasks, such as painting, are best left to weekends.

Rent a Trailer

As you work your way through your list, you’ll likely find lots of junk building up on your porch. What are you going to do with all those bags of leaves and branches that you’ve gathered from your yard? What about those old shelves and chairs you’ve decided to banish from your home’s interior? Rather than let these discarded items build up in some corner, rent a trailer and cart them away.

Services like Twin Falls Trailer Rental offer different types of trailers in various sizes to suit your needs. Once you have a trailer, it’s easy to take those items to a facility that’ll handle the rest, whether you want to dispose of them or recycle them.

Hire an Interior Designer

Hire an Interior Designer
For many people, spring cleaning is about more than cleaning. It’s also the perfect time to give your home an actual makeover. Whether you want to open up your home to take advantage of the pleasant spring temperature or change up the decorating style, you can benefit from the careful eye of an interior designer.

Services like Designer Premier specializes in helping clients find the most suitable designers for their needs. If you want to do something as extensive as remodeling your kitchen or bathroom, having professional help is especially important.