Want to remove paint? The best tool for this job is a random orbital sander. You can buy the best orbital sander once you understand the features and characteristics of it. You need to peep into some of the factors such as power rating to know the speed & performance. Here I have presented a user-friendly and readable guide that would help you in picking the right sort of random orbital sander from stores.

What is meant by best orbital sander?

The handheld tools that are used for sanding is known as random orbital sanders.

Sanding blades helps in delivering random-orbit actions. This implies that the disk and angle of rotation are variable. The speed and aggressiveness got combined with the random orbit of the belt sander to produce a finer finish.

The random orbital sander is made available in three different types’ namely orbital floor sanders, air-powered sanders, and electric powered sanders. The air powered and electric orbital sanders are handheld. However, the floor sander rolls over the floor and is large machines.
What is meant by best orbital sander
The sander simultaneously spins in small ellipses and produces patterns. This thus makes sure no single part of material travels similar path again during the rotation. The tool will never swirl mark due to this random action and is not all sensitive to the path of the wood grain. This is very much helpful when it comes to sand two pieces of woods. The random orbital sanders make use of the sandpaper disks that might include an integrated dust collector. The disk got attached using hook and loop or pressure sensitive adhesives system. The vacuum sucks dust via holes in the pad and paper, thus feeding shop vac, bag, and canister with dust collection feature.

Random orbit sander falls in between orbital finishing sander and belt sander. The orbital sander and random orbit sander sounds alike however they differ in a compact housing, common design, and rounded palm grip tops. The orbital sander comprises of square sanding pad however the random orbit comprises of the round pad. This variation creates an important distinction. The pad on the random sander moves in random orbits that means it vibrates in circles just like an orbital finishing sander.

In addition to this, the compact tool can be easily used for both ultra smooth sanding and stock removal sanding. The pad would spin and vibrate simultaneously, and it eliminates swirl compared to ordinary orbital sander that would leave swirl behind.

If you want this powerful tool that can be used for sanding then you need to pick it based on a few factors that are briefly described below.

How to find the best random orbital sander:

How to find the best random orbital sander
Are you seeking to buy a random orbital sander but have trouble in picking the best one? Here are some tips that will allow you to pick the best random orbital sander-

  • Consider speed and power- when picking random orbital sander it is important to consider speed and power. These two factors help you to know which sander will perform sanding task faster. You need to check in the wattage with motor size to know the power amount offered by a particular sander. To determine whether it can perform on various applications or not, you can check the speed settings.
  • Dust collection feature- One of the great features that would save your effort and time is onboard dust collection feature. It helps in cleaning and the sander will perform exceptionally in dust collection with suction holes into the pad. The dust will be collected in a bag attached to machine or dust canister. You can pick an orbital sander that has vacuum so as to increase capacity for collection of dust. It’s an essential factor to be considered.
  • Comfortable in handling- the extent of comfort an orbital sander provide its usage for long hours. The sander must have a rubberized grip that makes it more comfortable when it comes to handling. For providing easy handling as well as machine grip handling, some sander is facilitated with two handles. The comfort level can be easily determined through the sander design.
  • Consider sander switch- The location of the switch in any random orbital sander will matter a lot when it comes to picking the best orbital sander. Most of the sander got designed with a special type of rocker style switch that can be easily turned on and off. One more thing you must see is whether the random orbital sander is sealed or not to protect it from dust exposure. The mounds of dust can be easily formed when the individual is sanding and if the dust piles over the switch, it would affect the functionality.
  • Check the price- yes with every factor the prices will go hand in hand along with feature and quality. Always see whether the sander is cheap and has the capability to offer essential features.

By taking these factors into consideration, you can find a simpler and less expensive orbital sander.

Advantages of it:

The best feature that any orbital sander has the shape that would allow it to work well at corners and edges. The random orbital sander can be operated well and it can remove old material such as stain, varnish, paint, and more. This contributes to the most valuable ability of any random orbital sander. It might leave some of the swirls and sanding marks as it operates in a random elliptical motion. This might contribute to smooth finishing that would offer the finest wood surface. The loop and hook disk can be swap easily and it reduces the hand fatigue for large projects. It offers fantastic dust collection, contains a bigger motor and variable speed.


This is an easy guide when it comes to purchasing sanding product that is high-quality abrasives. You can visit any of the online sites and read the company credentials so as to get an order at an easy rate. Since it is the most frequently used sander tool that can be used for woodworking, varnish removal or paint removal, it is well-liked and admired.