Technology is changing the face of the planet. New types of digital devices are invented every year. Smart home technology has been the cause of much innovation over the past few years. The birth of smart security is an example. It is helping to make its owners’ lives much better and offers protection against security invasions like burglary. Here is how it works.

What is a Smart Home?

What is a Smart Home

A smart home is a collection of smart devices owned by a user. These devices connect to the internet. It also uses the internet to connect with each other. This form of technology is called the Internet of Things (IoT).

Smart home products are mainly used to automate certain tasks in a home. Smart products can be tracked, monitored and controlled through other smart devices like smartphones. You can operate a smart home product without even being in the same room.

What is the Internet of Things?

IoT is a very large network of devices all around the world. These devices connect to the internet to send and receive information. IoT helps ordinary devices to access information from anywhere in the world. You can, for instance, download French cuisine recipes onto your smart oven to cook in your own home.

IoT technology helps to gather new types of information about customer behavior that was never available before. IoT technology and Artificial Intelligence will revolutionize the way people interact with their smart devices. Your smart devices will get to know your preferences and will anticipate your needs. In many cases, it will know what you want before you ask for it.

Why Smart Homes?

Smart home technology helps to automate a home. Ordinary domestic appliances and equipment are fitted with computers that connect to the internet. You can control these devices as long as you have an internet connection.

Smart products can also work in unison. You can set up certain reactions for different devices. Your alarm clock can for instance trigger many other devices like smart blinds, smart speakers, smart lights and even a smart coffee machine. Smart homes help to make the lives of their owners better and safer.

How and What Does Smart Security Do?

How and What Does Smart Security Do

Smart security’s purpose is really evident. It provides security and protection against burglars. But just how it does that is a bit more interesting. All of these products will connect to other smart devices. Smartphones are the most commonly used device to control and monitor smart security products.

Here are some of the ways in which smart security products keep you safe against burglars.

Smart Lights and Motion Sensors

Smart lights help to provide lighting control at the touch of a button. Keep your home well lit whilst you’re on holiday. Motion sensors can also trigger floodlights to deter burglars.

Smart Locks

You can lock and unlock smart locks over your smartphone. You will never again have to worry whether you locked all your doors or not. Just do it over your phone.

Smart Smoke and Flood Sensors

Smart sensors help to save both damage and lives. Fire and flooding damage can rack up in the tens of thousands of Dollars. But worse, family and friends can get hurt really bad in these freak accidents. Smart sensors help to limit the possible damage and harm by notifying you and other services of help about any threats.

Smart CCTV

Smart CCTV

Smart CCTV helps to provide real-time surveillance footage. It also helps to provide evidence after any incidents. According to safeatlast statistics, only 13% of burglaries are solved, according to the FBI. A lack of witnesses and evidence stops the police from catching criminals. 51% of homes suffer a repeat burglary within one month of the previous crime. Catching burglars will stop them from repeating these acts.

Smart Alarm Systems

Smart Alarm Systems

Smart alarms use a combination of other sensors and cameras to keep watch over your home. It helps to notify you and possibly the authorities too (if you have this feature enabled) whenever a breach of security is happening at your home. Smart alarms help you to sleep with the peace of mind you need.

Smarter Security

There’s a new sheriff in town. Smart security has new and improved ways of stopping crime. You can also enjoy the peace of mind that it supplies. Get your smart security products today.