Renovating a home is a great way to change its looks, improve its layout and functionality as well as increase its value. While home renovation time can be an exciting time because of the opportunity it gives you to transform your living space, the process of getting the work done is not always fun.

The work involved and the surprises that come with it can feel overwhelming and stressful at times. Depending on the renovation plan you have set out, some areas of your home or the entire home may become inaccessible to you or completely unlivable due to construction works. In such situations, chances of your furniture getting damaged are high.

Rather than expose your furniture to damages, you are better off finding safe storage spaces like storage units from Safestore Containers where you can store them until renovation works in your home are completed.

Below are some benefits of storing your furniture in storage units in Auckland:

Protects Your Furniture From Damage

Home renovations are extremely messy. If you leave your furniture in the house during renovations, there is a high chance that it will be damaged from frequent movement, paint splatters or even from dropping off. Even where you remove it from the room where renovations are being done, there is always the risk of getting your furniture damaged if it is piled haphazardly in a separate room, especially when it is made from fragile material like glass.

Storage units in Auckland provide sufficient space where your furniture can be stored well. To maximize your rented self-storage space, disassemble the furniture pieces like beds and store them as separate pieces. Arrange the furniture in a way that does not put pressure on fragile pieces. This way, you are guaranteed that no damage will occur on your furniture during the renovation period.

Keeps Dust and Dirt From Accumulating on Furniture

Construction workers carry out numerous activities in your home to turn it into what you want during renovations. As such, your house is filled with all kinds of dirt including drywall dust and insulation debris and paint splatters. This makes the space extremely dirty – and it remains in that state until renovation works are completed.

To keep your furniture from gathering dust and dirt, it is important that you move it from the construction site to a different location like a storage facility. Storage units in Auckland provide clean spaces for your furniture to stay intact and maintain its appearance for as long as is needed to complete renovations. All you need to do is find a storage unit that is secure near your home so you don’t have to move your items too far.

Keeps Your Furniture Secure

During renovations, you need to ensure that your furniture is safe. Your house is accessed by strangers including suppliers and contractors. It is not surprising to find many people working in your renovation project. In addition to the general contractor, you are likely to have installers, electricians, plumbers, technicians and painters that you may not be able to vet coming in to get the job done.

This means all the doors of your house, including the front door, will remain open and all these people will be accessing the spaces that are being renovated. With all the strangers coming into your house, you want to ensure your furniture is safe and that it is not accessible to people that you don’t know. Keeping your furniture in storage units in Auckland enables you to guarantee its security throughout the renovation period.

Provides Space For Contractors To Work

The contractors you hire need sufficient space to complete the renovation works you want done. When you are undertaking extensive renovations in your home, it is highly unlikely they would have the space they need to speed the work up with your furniture lagging around.

To create space, contractors are forced to stuff the furniture in separate rooms and hallways – which increases the risk of getting it damaged. Moving your furniture to storage units in Auckland is the best way to create additional working space for your contractors. With adequate working space, the contractors can work efficiently and can therefore complete the renovations faster.

Gives You A Clear View of Your Space

When you have furniture in your home during renovation, it is difficult to get a good view of how your new space will look like once the work is completed. Moving the furniture to storage units in Auckland clears the house up and you get an opportunity to view your empty space.

Doing this just before contractors start the renovation works clears the way and enables you to envision how you want the space to change. This view enables you to organize your space better and determine which items you’ll need permanently and occasionally.

Prepares You For Eventualities

As you plan to renovate your home, one of the things you consider is how long it would take to complete the project. But plans change and sometimes – due to factors that you had not foreseen – your renovation project can end up taking much longer than you had anticipated.

You need to be prepared for such eventualities. The best way of doing this is keeping your furniture in storage units – it makes it easier for you to manage such situations. Since you rent the space on a monthly basis, you can rest assured that your furniture will be safe irrespective of the time it takes to complete the renovation project.

Final Thoughts

If you are planning a home renovation project, do not sacrifice your space or your peace of mind by keeping your furniture in the house. Instead, rent a storage space where you can keep it safe and free from dirt during the renovation period.

Storing your furniture in storage units keeps you focused on your home renovation. It is virtually impossible to keep your mind on getting the renovation work completed when you have concerns about the safety or condition of the furniture. When moving the furniture to a storage unit, ensure that you arrange it well to prevent damages.