Lockers are utilitarian pieces of equipment, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t contribute to your home’s interior. There’s no reason to get a locker that clashes with the design of your room when there are options that present both style and function. Mustard Made, a new brand that specialises in crafting eye-catching lockers that will stand the test of time, is making sure that their customers get the best of both worlds.

Crafted with Style and Functionality in Mind

Founded in 2018 by sisters Becca and Jess, Mustard Made has been mentioned in several styles and interior design magazines and publications. Their lockers have been noted for sporting a classic design that’s made to fit and complement the look of a modern home.
Mustard Made lockers are available in a variety of neutral and eye-popping colours like olive, mustard, berry, blush, ocean, navy, slate, and white. This selection makes it easy for customers to find a place for the lockers in their living room, bedroom, or study.

A Mustard Made cabinet is not just all looks, it’s also crafted for durability and longevity. The lockers are made from quality powder-coated steel. They can be locked and attached to the wall, making them a safe choice for households with small children who love to climb furniture.

Storage Locker Styles for the Modern Home

The lockers are available in four designs. The Shorty is a short, single-door locker that’s just the right size for a bedside table. The Skinny is tall and slim and will accent the unused corners of a room. The Lowdown is a low and wide two-door locker that can also fill spaces as a side table. Then there’s The Midi, a taller version of The Lowdown that offers more vertical space. The brand also sells pillows and colour-coordinated metal baskets and extra shelves that can help organize the content of the lockers.

Mustard Made bedsides and lockers are a great option for modern, minimalist, and chic homes. These pieces of furniture are made for homeowners who find beauty in clean, sleek spaces with functional accessories and equipment. The lockers are unobtrusive in appearance, but they can also do well as centrepieces. They provide plenty of secured space for storing everyday items like clothes, bed sheets, books, gadgets, and others. The lockers are magnetic, too, so owners can stick magnets all over them to personalize their look.

If you’re keen on owning cabinets that appeal to the senses and tell a story, Mustard Made is a sensible option that will last you many years. The locker will arrive flat packed with instructions, needing only a screwdriver to be assembled. Each locker comes with 2 keys so owners have a spare, but the Mustard Made team can be contacted for replacement keys if the owners happen to lose both keys to their cabinet.

Mustard Made doesn’t have its own physical store, but the brand is available through various retailers across Australia, the UK, and
Europe, including Cranmore Home.