The stability of a house depends upon its foundation. The purpose of the foundation is to transfer the weight of the house, occupants (you and your family), and belongings to soil under the foundation. It also helps protect the property from environmental loads such as snowfall, earthquakes, and heavy winds. 

If your house’s foundation is not strong or stable, it can cause severe issues such as cracks in drywall, water intrusion, moisture damage, etc. It further affects the safety of your house and your loved ones. Therefore, you must pay attention to the following signs indicating serious foundation issues and take immediate preventive measures. 

  • Warped Siding 

Structural issues in your house’s foundation and moisture cause warped siding and gaps between planks. If your home has wood cladding, you might also observe gaps where siding length joins and overlaps (generally at the top and bottom). It is because wood tends to expand due to moisture. 

These are your signs that show you need to repair the warped immediately. If the warping is minor, you can repair it on your own using nails and screws. Otherwise, you can contact professionals for repair work. 

  • Sinking Around The House

If you believe there’s a problem with your foundation, take a walk around the perimeter of your home and check for any sinking. If you do notice sinking, know it might be a matter of grave concern. Sinking around the house is typically due to major drainage and leakage issues. It could be due to poor plumbing or humidity in your basement. 

In such a scenario, you must consult professionals for basement waterproofing and foundation repair. Regular repair and waterproofing can help prevent water from leaking into your home. It will further help avoid warping boards and rotting walls.

  • Damp Crawl Space

Similar to humidity in the basement, dampness in the home’s crawl space is a surefire sign of structural damage. However, you must know that puddles of water are the main problem here and not water itself. Water vapor is likely to cause rot, mold and attract pests to your house. It can further damage your property to a great extent. 

So, it would be wise to prevent water damage with regular crawl space repair. Also, look for any plumbing issues or mold and contact a professional to get everything fixed. 

  • Bouncy Floors

Bouncy floors most often indicate a problem with the floor’s support. Typically, it means that termites have extensively destroyed the structural floor beams causing soft and spongy floors. In addition to this, other reasons for bouncy floors are poor structural design, foundation settlement, or crawl space or basement moisture issues. 

If you are not sure whether the floor is bouncy or not, it would be wise to take the opinion of your family and friends. Once you are sure, you must not delay getting a quote from professionals for foundation repair solutions.

Wrapping It All Up!

These are some signs that indicate issues with your house’s foundation. Therefore, you must consult professionals to make necessary repairs to the home. Remember that immediate repair of these signs will ensure that your house stays safe, plus it’ll help you save money on costly repairs later on.