If you’re no longer able to open and close your garage door without it getting stuck, hearing squeaking sounds, or the door stopping altogether, you need to immediately fix your broken garage door. After all, having a semi-open garage door can lead to concerns about safety and security – if your door is half-open during all hours of the day and night, this can lead to animals, thieves, and unwanted weather creeping inside of your garage. Avoid any security breaches by figuring out how you can fix broken garage door springs!

5-step guide to fixing garage door springs

Replacing your broken garage door springs is essential to ensuring that your equipment, cars, and other valuables stored in your garage are safe and protected. If you feel like you can do this procedure on your own and you have extensive DIY skills, then you should follow these steps in the correct order. However, if you feel like you’re out of your depth, you can hire a person who is well-versed in broken garage door spring repair to help you with the process. 

If you’re doing this on your own, some tools are required for this procedure – socket set, rags, locking pliers, gloves, hammer, cordless drill, wrench, clamps, winding bars, wrench set, bottom brackets, springs, and lift cables. 

Lock the door

The first step of learning who to fix your broken garage door springs is to lock the door and secure the door to the garage track (the part that moves the door). Make sure you secure the door to the track by using a pair of locking pliers or a clamp to the track – this safety mechanism avoids the door from moving up and hitting you in the face while you are working on the springs. 

Remove tension from the unbroken spring

The next step is to remove tension from the unbroken garage door spring and use the winding bar to loosen the mechanism. Use the winding bar in the hole of the winding bar to relieve tension – you can do this by holding the bar, loosening the screws, and releasing the screws. 

Release tension from the unbroken spring

The third step is to unwind the garage door spring by using the two winding bars. You can do so by putting the winding bar into the garage door spring hole and then turning the winding bar slowly in a clockwise direction.

Disconnect the springs

The next step of fixing the garage door springs is to disconnect the springs. You can do this by removing the nuts and bolts and removing the springs from the center bracket. 

Remove the old spring

The last step is to remove the old spring by removing the torsion tube. After you have done this step, all you have to do is install the new garage door springs and you are good to go!


Fixing your broken garage door springs is key to getting your garage door to work safely and effectively once more. Make sure you follow these steps in order or call a professional to help you with the broken garage door spring repair!