Pests are known for their versatility. Whether you’re dealing with rats, cockroaches, or bed bugs, the problem with pests is that they can live anywhere. That being said, pests do prefer some places more than others. What’s more, there are certain areas which provide the perfect breeding grounds for pests. Pests will make their way to these areas and quickly take over, often without you even knowing. For example, here are the top five places where pests like to live. 

When looking for pests in your home here are the five places they are most likely to be found. 

1. Kitchens

Pests prefer kitchens above all. This is obviously because kitchens provide them with a simple and convenient source of food. The overwhelming majority of people have messy kitchens. Even if you think your kitchen is clean there are probably places you’ve missed. What pests also like about kitchens is that there are dozens of places for them to hide. Pests can live undisturbed beneath and behind your appliances. You may also find them living on top of cupboards, or under your sink. The other thing about kitchens is that in general they are warm. This helps pests survive. It also provides an incubator where they can quickly breed. 

2. Attics 

Attics attract pests because of the ample living space. Attics are also rarely disturbed by humans. Many people do not go into their attics for years. This means that pests can set up enormous colonies without having to worry about human beings. Another reason why pests prefer attics, says London based pest control manager Mickala Stanford, is because they are dark and provide vermin with building material for their nests. For example, Mickala continues, rodents like rats and mice love building their nests out of cardboard boxes. As well as attics, pests may gravitate to any storage area. This includes things like sheds, and also disused store rooms. 

3. Garages

Pests can quickly become a problem inside of garages. This is often because many garages are infrequently visited. Pests also target garages because they are often stuffed with clutter. This clutter may sit undisturbed for years. This give pests a chance to build their nests and also provides them with material for nests. 

In addition to this, there may be certain items which attracts pests in your garage. A good example of this is when pet food is stored inside of your garage. Another problem with pests and garages is that certain pests, such as rodents, may attack your car. Rats are known to frequently break into cars and cause enormous damage. This includes chewing on electrical wires and also defecting in your car. 

4. Bathrooms

Bathroom can provide the ultimate living environment for certain pests. A good example of this is cockroaches which prefer a warm, moist, and humid environment. Your bathroom also provides these pests with food. They are perfectly capable of existing on things like human hair and skin. Another reason why pests choose bathrooms is because they are often cluttered with rubbish. Many people rarely open their bathroom cupboards and this makes them a great place for pests to live. 

5. Your Garden 

Believe it or not your garden may also be harbouring pests. These pests are attracted to wild and overgrown gardens. They are able to live undisturbed in long grass, or bushes and trees which have not been trimmed. Another place where pests enjoy living is in piles of garden refuse.