The UK ranks as the 17th best place for older people to settle, with a higher life expectancy of 81.3 and Cost of Living Index of 65.3 than the two nations that top the list. 

The country has an aging population, with over 10 million people aged 65 and above, out of which 5.4 million is above 75.

If you are a retired person living in the UK’s retiree paradise of Cumbria, having stair lifts in your dwelling is the safest way to climb stairs and utilise your living space better. Top consultants like UK Mobility Stairlifts work with the leading brands, enabling thousands of Brits to retain their mobility. Here are the advantages of adding stairlifts to your home in the UK.

Increased Freedom

Wiltshire, Suffolk and Lincolnshire are the best UK cities to retire, with the lowest crime rates and high street stores and restaurants.

When you have the facilities to venture out in your neighbourhood, you can have the same freedom inside your dwelling with stairlifts.

Reputable dealers present models that make going up and down a staircase super easy for you.

Increased Safety

The UK presents some of the world’s most unique home architectural styles, such as Tudor, Victorian, Georgian and Baroque, featuring beautiful staircases.

Retailers like UK Mobility Stairlifts provide models fit with useful safety features like safety belts and footrest. And the railing gets installed into the wall, thus eliminating all chances of you falling from the chair. 

Easy Mobility

Straight and curved are the two most-popular stairlift types you will find across the UK, and both are super easy to use.

The former best suits straight stairs, while the latter is the apt choice for a spiral staircase. Smart professionals feature modular pieces, giving you the option to customise the stairlift to match your staircases’ bends and curves.

You only need to get on the chair, strap yourself and glide to and from the next floor in no time.

Stairlifts Keep You Pain-free

About 1 in 5 adults above 45 years in the UK have knee arthritis. On the other hand, one in 9 adults has osteoarthritis of the hip.

As you age, you will face such medical conditions and injuries that can make navigating a flight of stairs a painful experience. 

But leading professionals provide stairlifts to go and up down the stairs as per your requirements, effortlessly. You can thus ensure you remain pain-free and avoid injuries.

Add Value to Your Home

More than 80% of the elderly population value the scenery above healthcare and house prices in the UK countryside, making The South of Kent a hot pick among the older locals.

When you have a house with branded stairlifts in such areas, your property value is sure to skyrocket. You will have potential buyers willing to pay your demanded price without second thoughts.

The UK resident population projection of older people over the next five years is from 15,000 million to 22,500 million, particularly those aged above 80.

If you are above 60 and plan to settle in the UK, it is best to consult a top dealer and get stairlifts for your home. Rest assured, while you enjoy the best of the UK’s outdoors, you can lead a peaceful retired life in your dwelling with minimal physical assistance.