A conservatory with a solid, insulated roof is referred to as a warm roof conservatory. In comparison to fiberglass, polycarbonate, and even energy-rated windows, the solid, insulated structure greatly decreases heat loss through the roof. A warm conservatory roof is covered with metal or plastic tiles, which are usually chosen to complement the tiles on the home. 

Do you require planning clearance for a conservatory with a warm roof?

The short response is almost always no. Because it falls under the authorized development category, upgrading to a solid conservatory roof is usually not subject to planning permission; nevertheless, you should always check with your local council before proceeding. 

Is it true that a conservatory with a tiled roof is warmer?

Tiled conservatory roofs have superior insulative properties over standard fiberglass, traditional construction, glass, and polycarbonate roofing systems, allowing warm air to be trapped and maintained in the room for a longer period. In addition to PIR sheets or EPS polystyrene insulation, a good roof is insulated with additional items that further improve thermal efficiency.

How can I make the roof of my conservatory warmer?

The most effective technique to make a conservatory roof warmer is to replace it with a solid, insulated roof that reduces heat loss by a significant amount. Insulated roof blinds and window films are two further options, although they are less effective and will not give as much heat retention in the cold as other alternatives. But, don’t forget to give extra priority to the aesthetic issue. The aesthetic value of a warm roof conservatory can’t be described in words. It will make your roof look better, feel better and enjoy quality time. 

Is it true that a conservatory with a glass roof is warmer?

Glass conservatory roofs are better than fiberglass and polycarbonate roofing systems, and they’re not as warm as solid roofs, which are made of solid materials. The most significant disadvantage of glass roofs is their transparency. In the summer, the glass acts as a greenhouse, amplifying and retaining heat, while in the winter, glass provides little protection against glare or heat loss.

How to construct a conservatory with a warm roof

For a tiled, insulated roof, you must specify a lightweight roofing system to guarantee that, in many circumstances, no remedial work is necessary to the conservatory base and frames during the construction process. Your installation firm should always examine and guarantee that the windows, doors, and glass in your home are strong enough to support the weight of a new conservatory roof with a warm roof.

Wrap up

A lightweight system such as this is required since standard tiled roofs are too heavy for conservatories. The good roof can be used to replace roofs made of glass or polycarbonate, and it can also be used as the primary roof on new construction projects.

As a result, you will get complete control over the quality of the hardware and system design because the system is developed and manufactured to order by independent, certified, and approved installers.