Buying a cold press juicer is subject to a considerable amount of investment. Hence, it is important to maximize the price benefits by availing a cold presses juicer at the most competitive price. With a wide range of juicers available in the market with several features, each one is priced differently depending upon its features, durability and other features.

However, choosing a relevant cold Press Juicer is entirely the matter of your budget and requirements. Say for small families, a small juicer can work best and the large juicers need more investment and come with more cleaning hassles.

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Here are some of the points that you need to keep in mind regarding the best time to buy a cold pressed juicer:

Off-season buying

If you are in no hurry to buy, it is recommended to buy it in off-season i.e. winters to fetch the best deals on it. As the juicers are in high demand during the summers, the prices considerable go high or you may not fetch the lucrative discounts on most of the models available in the market.
The festive season is another great time to fetch these kinds of goodies. During festive seasons, various manufacturers offer several deals and discounts to allure various customers. You can expect a huge discount during such time which can make it a win-win deal for you.

On-season Buying

However, if you are planning to adopt a healthy lifestyle, it is not ideal to wait for a specific season or festival to buy a juicer. You can refer to various online portals which will not only provide you with genuine buyers reviews but also offer competitive rates and free home delivery options.

The best part of ordering online is that you get an extensive choice within your budgets and you can check various features of each product and select the best one suiting your needs after a comparative analysis.

Order online to explore best deals

Order online

So, if you want to buy cold press juicers in peak season at the best prices, consider ordering it online. However, it is important to evaluate the reputation of such portals and various terms and conditions before placing any such order to avoid any hassles thereafter.

Gift it to your loved ones

Juicers are the ideal gift for your loved ones to keep them motivated for a healthy lifestyle. It is one of the best gift options especially if the person you are choosing to gift is a health-freak. However, it is important to evaluate their requirements to make it a more useful gift for them. Say, if their kitchen has limited space, gifting a vertical cold juice presser would certainly be the ideal gift for them.

Best buys during online ‘mega sales’

Best buys during online ‘mega sales’

There are several online portals which offer exclusive sales on various home appliances for a specific period of time where the prices of such items are slashed drastically to motivate the customers for instant purchases. You can fetch the best prices during such ‘juicer Black Friday and Christmas sales’ and can take a due advantage by buying a cold pressed juicer which you are looking for. However, these offers and discounts are time-bound and limited to a few days in a year only.

When the choices matter!

If you are planning to purchase from a retail shop, it is recommended to buy a juicer in the peak season i.e. summers unless you are not sure about the product you want to buy. The idea is that during peak season the retail shops have ample varieties of various models with different features and price bands. During the off-season, due to space constraints, you will not find abundant varieties of such juicers to make a choice from.

If you are looking for a high-powered, inexpensive juicer, then this juicer with cold spin technology is the product for you.

When the warranty matters!

If you are choosing a cold pressed juicer with a limited time warranty, it is important to buy during the time of the year when you are largely going to use it. If you buy a juicer off-season with a limited warranty of say 3 months. By the time, you will start using it, the warranty period will already get lapsed. In such a case, an issue with your juicer will attract the service and maintenance fee and would substantially add to its cost.

Before buying a cold pressed juicer, it is important to evaluate your requirements to conclude the best time of the year to buy a one for you!