Sometimes, your roof will begin to build up dirt and debris which will not require someone to come and pressure or soft wash your roof. In this post, we will inform you of ways that you can keep your roof clear without needing to have your roof washed due to the debris in question not consisting of moss or algae. You will need a good roof cleaning company like Just Clean Property Care which has Leigh roof cleaners if you are near the area.

We always recommend that you have a professional come and look at your roof before you decide to have any work here undertaken as your roof may have issues such as loose shingles or the dirt in question could require a service such as a soft wash. The first type of cleaning to have done would be to have a professional take a leaf blower on your roof and clear any debris up there; make sure to take necessary precautions in your attic such as covering things of value as if there are any loose shingles, dirt may end up falling through and getting over them in due course. As most insurance companies will not cover or provide a warranty for a buildup of debris on your roof, we recommend that you aim to keep it as clean as possible and have professionals complete cleaning jobs there throughout your roof’s lifetime. 

If you or a neighbour have trees that are able to grow over your roof, have a tree doctor come in and trim it back, trees can be a huge nuisance for roofs as the dropping of leaves, twigs and animal waste can be dangerous for your roof as this will turn into a lot of visits from professionals needing to clean and soft wash your roof. If a neighbour’s tree is causing the issue, speak to them about your worries and try to arrange a solution where both parties are happy about trees either being removed or cut back to keep your and their roof safe.

Gutters are another reason that many roofs begin to gather debris and cause problems, with a build-up of dirt occurring it can stop rainwater from being able to drain from your roof correctly and will cause problems and issues for your roof in the long term. This type of debris can also become home to insects and small pests which can end up inside your home and cause more damage than just harbouring themselves on your roof. Have professional tradespeople come out regularly and keep your gutters clean so that rainfall can drain properly and keep your roof free of these contaminants, it will also remove the need for soft washing to be done which can be a lot more expensive. 

Keeping your roof clear of debris can feel like an all-out war, but taking necessary precautions to try and prevent debris from building up in the first instance will keep costs spent on cleaning down; your roof will be more energy efficient for the whole house which will save money on heating bills.