Let’s do a quick time travel to backwords, like ten years ago. Can you even imagine anything like “Alexa” or “Google Assistant” back then? However, it becomes a part of our life because these are proven necessary to us. To be frank, most of the products are produced to make our life easier but it is totally up to us to choose which of these should we include in our home and most importantly, why? Today, we will only concentrate on only the kitchen part and review a few appliances that have already proven by the audiences as the most popular kitchen appliances this year, almost unique products only obviously!

1. Smart WiFi Air Fryer

Let’s assume you know all about a delicious menu but it ends up like something is missing and you are disappointed by its appearance. An air fryer can provide you with the support you are looking for here, the crispiness and charming look. All of the restaurants are using it nowadays for their most popular dishes. It can be simply described as a mechanical fan which circulates hot air and provides necessary temperature to make foods crispy by coating the desired food in a thin layer of oil. But what is the “Smart WiFi Air Fryer’’ that we are talking about? Well, this is a complete surprise package for you that the latest Smart Wifi Air Fryers are able to do everything independently. All you need to set up the cooking modes and follow the instructions of the dedicated app that works with Alexa and cook your meals instantly!
Smart WiFi Air Fryer

2. Balanced Smart Personal Blender

Imagine a blender that can not only squeeze your fruits and vegetables but also can help you decide what you should prepare for your family! The recent Smart Personal Blenders are connected with Bluetooth, and through its app, you are able to update your grocery list and track nutritional information for all your daily smoothies.

3. Electric Range Cookers

Although the electric range is not a recently invented kitchen appliance like above, this is undoubtedly the best device ever produced for baking cakes. It’s been included in our list of The most Unique Smart Kitchen Appliances in 2020 as many newer Electric Range Cookers are coming with, some smart features like responsive touch pods, self-cleaning mode, Smart Diagnosis program for troubleshooting opportunities etc.

4. High Speed Smart Toaster

High Speed Smart Toasters are touch screen enabled, controlled with sensors and ensure the highest quality toasting experience with minimum efforts. All you need to know how to use this device smartly and this is really user friendly.
High Speed Smart Toaster

5. Smart Countertop Microwave Oven

What about a responsive, talking microwave oven which can work with your Alexa and take care of the rest? Yes, these Smart Countertop Microwave Ovens are scan-to-cook technology enabled that helps cook your food perfectly every time.

The world is changing rapidly each seconds and to become up to date with it, not only the field of technologies, but also we can add lots of variations in our cooking methods and most importantly, can save our precious time.