Anyone can appreciate a rich, outdoor paradise, filled with fragrant flowers, lush trees, and fragrant freshly cut grass. But how can you achieve this ideal right in your own backyard?

Having all the right tools to help you along will surely put you in the right direction to a garden paradise of your own. Your tools may be what is standing between you and a utopia of a backyard.

Thinking that lawn care is easy and only requires minimal effort is not necessarily correct; without the appropriate equipment, you could be doubling your work time, not to mention your frustration, by not equipping yourself properly to achieve the lawn of your dreams.


While you may not require this for a small city yard, an electric chainsaw is a sure-fire tool for larger homeowners, acreage owners, and anyone with a plethora of trees to remove. In these cases, a hand saw just doesn’t cut it! 

You can head to your local hardware store or review online recommendations from trusted sources such as to help you decide which battery-powered chainsaw best suits your needs, or help you decide if a gas-powered saw is the right one for you.

After a thorough review of their capabilities, from battery life to maintenance concerns, you will be on the right path to clearing the way for your garden paradise. A great chainsaw will also help you in those winter months, as splitting logs manually can take time and more effort than you want to give.

The appropriate chainsaw will be multifunctional and be a great asset to your power tool collection. Cross Saw Mill website gives you more information about different chainsaws you can use.


Gone are the days of seeing grandpa pushing his mower on the weekends. Walking into the lawnmower section of the home improvement store is comparable to a car dealership; with price tags that may take your breath away.

Your lawnmower will possibly be the highest value item on your lawn maintenance list, and like a car, it is important to find the right fit, to last you and your family for years of gleeful lawn mowing to come.

Lawnmower purchasing can be intimidating, with lawnmowers available to fit every size and budget. Choosing the right lawnmower is one of the most important steps to achieving lawn maintenance zen.

First, you need to ask yourself if you want a gas-powered or electric mower. After that, you need to look at things like mowing capacity, depending on the area to be landscaped, and the type of grass that requires cutting.

For larger homes, the decision will be between a pushing mower or a riding mower. In order to fit yourself with the right mower, you can utilize a handy lawn mower buying guide, or pop into your nearest home improvement store for personal service to make this decision.

Lawn Trimmer

No matter how good your lawnmower is, you are going to encounter hard to reach areas in any given lawn, and this is where your string/lawn trimmer will be essential. Be it the corners of your garden planters, or keeping the edging nice along your fence line or garage, a lawn trimmer is a must.

This tool can be purchased either battery-powered or corded and can be incredibly lightweight. Certain string trimmers can also be used as edgers, and come with attachments to protect your lawn decor from the phenomenal power of the string, as it seamlessly cuts through your hard to reach areas.

Focusing on the larger lawn area, and neglecting the sides, and areas around trees, the overall image of the lawn can fail. Having a handy trimmer will help you with the smaller details, and assist your lawn in looking professional and put together.

Because of their user and versatile nature, no lawn care system is complete without a lawn/string trimmer.

Power Washer

A power washer is a must for your lawn and home care needs! These easy to use, high pressure washers will make your yard cleanup a breeze. It will also help you to remove moss and keep the cracks and gaps in your paving stones or pathways clean and unobstructed.

This power tool has many functions, from helping to clean your gardening mess, to assisting with gutter and vehicle cleaning, a power washer is an absolute gem of an item to have in your lawn maintenance lineup.

Leaf Blower

Nothing is worse than spending hours, during a chilly autumn day, constantly raking leaves, just to have the wind scatter them anew. If you have trees in your yard the battle with leaves will be daily, but a leaf blower can help you win the war!

Not only great for leaves in the fall, but a blower can also help you to remove snow and keep pathways clear and unobstructed. A blower that functions throughout the seasons can be a great asset in clearing the snow off your car or walkways.

Stop using a manually powered rake for the whole yard, and instead use a blower to help you target the areas you want to be cleared, and reduce the job time to a fraction of what it is with only manual tools.

Hedge Trimmer

For aesthetic purposes, you may opt for a hedgerow or fence, or frame your windows with lush hedges. Keeping these from overgrowing and obstructing your views, or just looking downright unkempt, is difficult. 

While manual hedge trimmers can help with smaller yards, a power hedge trimmer is a must to bring your garden’s look to the next level. Not only does this tool help to alleviate the time and energy required to trim hedges, but it can also help you shape your greenery in ways that are just not possible with standard manual trimmers.

No matter what tools you choose, gas-powered, electric, or battery-operated, an effective lawn care system is a must. By ensuring you are well equipped with the best tools for your specific needs, you can stop struggling to care for your lawn and start enjoying the process.

The first step to obtaining and maintaining the yard of your dreams is ensuring you have the right arsenal of tools to help you tackle any job, from large to small.