The Top 5 Modern Luxury Home Features of 2022

If you’re one of the many people looking to upgrade or renovate your home, it’s only logical you may be wondering what the new trends are. With 2022 already in full swing, there have been some new trends that have surfaced. Whether you are thinking about doing a full remodel of your basement or just want to stay on trend and update some of your spaces. Our homes are meant to reflect  our own personal aesthetics, by keeping up to date with some of recent trends can help revitalize your home. 

Ready to read what’s upcoming and in right now for modern luxury home features? Here’s the top 10 home features of 2022 to keep in mind when doing a home renovation or upgrading some of your rooms!

Chic and smooth chocolate hues

One trend that’s right at the top of the trends is embracing rich chocolate browns and lighter caramel colour in the interiors.  These rich chocolate hues can range from paint to finishes and soft decor items such as pillows, linens, carpet or throw rugs as well. The warmer tones evoke a sense of welcoming and are a backlash to the oversaturation of grays. It seems that people are over seeing interiors marked by 50 shades of gray around every corner. Grey usually is a colour of choice for all quick build ‘cookie cutter’ new builds so by opting for a lush shade of chocolate brown can add a luxe feel that’s unique and custom. 

Think of adding earthy and natural tones or elements

Following in suit with the announced 2022 colours of the year from various pain brands, it’s a safe bet to make that shades of green are being highlighted in 2022. With designers like Sherwin-Williams Evergreen Fog, Berh’s Breezeway, and of course, PGG’s Olive Spring, natural hues are a trend that you for sure are going to continue to see all 2022. But it’s not just shades of green taking centre stage, other earthy hues like blues, browns and other soothing shades designed by Mother Nature bring a sense of calm and down to earthness to any room.

Dark Kitchens

Gone are the days of bright sunny kitchens, over the past 5 years kitchens have really transformed and having darker and moodier colours have risen in popularity. Kitchens are a great playground for trying out different shades of paint or adding leather stones such as granites, marbles and quartzites. These matte and textured countertops can be low maintenance when it comes to cleaning and are going to be a staple moving forward in 2022. 

Vintage and Antique make a big comeback

It’s time to hit the flea markets and get those hand-me-down out of storage, because vintage and antique pieces have made a huge comeback in 2022. Second hand furnishings and decor have a certain nostalgia and comfort to them that reminds many homeowners of our older relative’s homes/ There is plenty of opportunity to upcycle and add your own unique flair to passed down pieces or salvaged items by giving them a little TLC in the form of new paint, stains, or other additions that would accentuate and complement their natural appeal. 

Escape-feel  Rooms 

Another trend that is gaining momentum is creating spaces that offer an escape from the hustle and bustle of modern day living. Homeowners are putting extra consideration into creating quiet, private spaces. Whether that is a home office, a reading nook, or even a she-shed in the backyard. These little creative covens actually can help contribute to your home’s property value. But this isn’t just for the people living in your home, but pets too! Some other cozy additions can include a built-in bed in laundry rooms, fenced in dog runs or even a dog house in the backyard for your furry bud. 

In Conclusion

It’s clear to see from the 5 trends above that 2022 is the year of natural and comfort. Whether this leads you to start investing in sustainable home features, designing a space that has versitilute and multiple uses, or leaning deep into comfort and function over high style, the 2022 trends have the potential to become classics in home renovations and design. From the moody and earthy palette colours to the escape-esque rooms or even the pet-friendly features, these trends may just be the fix you’ve been looking for in your home.