Have you ever thought about doing a gaming room setup for your favorite pastime and hobby? If so, then check out this guide for all of the details!

If you or your child are serious about gaming, you’ve got to build a sanctuary.

And along with it, the best gaming equipment to top it all off. If you’re looking for a good gaming laptop, we’d recommend giving Razer gaming laptop a go as they are well known for being amazing and reliable.

We all know how gaming can get in the way of everyday life. Depending on your point of view, it could be the everyday life that’s been getting in the way of your gaming. Either way, you’re always going to have a better video gaming experience when you’ve got a special place to do it.

Today, we’re going to help you with your gaming room setup. It’s not enough to take over a room in the house, it has to have the right sound system, gadgets, and decor to really get you in the zone. Follow this guide and you may never leave your gaming room again.

Room Size Determines the Rest

How much space you have is a huge X-factor in what you’ll be able to do with your gaming sanctuary. You might be able to perform a whole basement remodel for yourself. Most people are going to be confined to a much smaller space, though.

When push comes to shove, focus on what’s important. You can always use headphones and a gaming chair instead of a huge speaker system and a couch if you’re confined to a smaller space.
Room Size Determines the Rest
What you can’t sacrifice is picture quality. The better the TV you have, regardless of size, the better your gaming experience is going to be.

Working With Multiple Consoles

When there’s lots of space to work with, you might invest in multiple TV’s to handle however many consoles you have. Those in smaller rooms will need to get crafty and utilize every connection (and a few extensions) that their TV’s got.

It’s never fun to have to take out different consoles from storage and spend all that time setting them up every time you want to play a game. Save yourself this hassle and keep all of your consoles hooked up or mostly hooked up to the TV at once.


Big time gamers need to keep organized. If you’ve got a library of titles, you can’t have them out of order and out of their cases. It takes hard work and dedication to stay this organized, but a cabinet to hold all of your games will go a long way.


Since you’re going to be spending hours on end in your gaming room, you have to be comfortable in it.

Sure, it starts with your furniture, but the decor matters too. Get lots of comfy seating for when you’ve got guests over and make sure that there’s a minifridge nearby to serve beverages and snacks.
As far as decor goes, lighting is probably the number one priority. You’re going to be staring at a screen, so it’s important to have the right lighting to keep your eyes feeling good. After that, you can just put up some game and movie posters for ambiance and you’ll be all set to start gaming.

Get Your Gaming Room Setup Figured Out

Your gaming room setup is more important than you think. To make sure you’re comfortable and happy in your surroundings, follow these tips we’ve given you, but also put a personal twist to make your gaming sanctuary unique to you.

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