Due to the paradigm shift in our lives because of COVID-19, many people are opting for a home office. Those who are still working in their regular offices, maintaining productivity amid stressful situations can be challenging. Whether it be office work or remote work from home, your office space should spark creativity in a sophisticated way. Check out these effortless ways to turn that space into a work-friendly haven, with minimalistic shelvings all the way to colorful rugs.

1. Color tones matter

Your office space can be a great area to experiment bold colors with. There are many striking, yet not overpowering color tones to don your walls and floor. These include Tricorn Black, Sunset Orange, Neons, Jade Green and many more to your liking. But if you’re working with numbers or just generally want a minimalistic tone to calm you, opt for pastel shades. Pair it up with your carpet or rug to add symmetry.

2. Rugs never go out of style, seriously.

Rugs make a great accent piece and imbue an artistic aura to your workspace, while keeping your feet warm and protected from the cold hardwood floor. If you’re looking for a subtle pop of color through a rug, rugsource.com is your go-to place. They are ethical, purchasing rugs from indigenous people to promote their art. You can buy your rug at lowest prices you will find anywhere from Rugsource, as backed by reviews. From hand woven contemporary abstract rugs to breathtaking persian, moroccan and oriental rugs, it will satisfy all your artistic needs. If you’re into the Mid-century modern look, try a hand tufted rug. Put it in your office, put it in your living space, put it over your carpet (if you like experimenting) a rug will brighten up a lacklustre room instantly. You can find inspiration from pinterest.

3. Add artworks and living plants.

You can hang motivational quotes or abstract art above your desk space to add inspiration. You can choose natural tones in your artworks for a rehabilitative effect. As for plants, the color green has been scientifically proven to soothe your eyes. Ferns thrive in low lights if you have minimum sun exposure. Succulents replenish oxygen if you have bright light.

4. A cozy chair is everything

An ergonomic yet stylish chair is a staple in office spaces. You want a chair that not only supports your body seamlessly, but also makes a sedentary lifestyle bearable by incorporating comfort with chic. Look out for a desk chair that compliments your space’s hues. For a dramatic look, place it over your geometric modern area rug. Comfy!

5. Bringing the shelving

Shelving can turn a substantial amount of unused wall space into something both productive and lucrative. It can be tempting to go all out and turn your wall into a hive of shelves, but beware. Less is more. Try to optimize your space by adding  neutral toned shelves if your wall is bold, and vivacious shelves if your wall is minimalistic. Put your books in an orderly manner and keep a scented candle or two for uplifting your senses while you work away.

6. Creating a Bulletin Board

You’ll feel more efficient and organized if you have a bulletin board hanging around in your office. You can attach your to-do list, your certificates, a calendar for your plannings, and your polaroids on the board. You can also put a string light around it for a soft glow. If you’re feeling splurgy,  try painted board frames in metallic hues such as gold, silver or copper.

This is your sign to renovate your work space. Get decorating!