Summer evening on the terrace of beautiful suburban house with patio with wicker furniture and lights

A patio is an extension of your living space and contributes to your home’s curb appeal. You can just keep a simple patio for outdoor seating, but it’s never wrong to want to spruce it up a bit. Allowing your outdoor space to look luxurious will improve its appearance (and your property value when you decide to move) while also letting you enjoy your outdoor space more.

However, building a fancy patio might also mean shelling out a huge sum of money, depending on your project. Suppose a patio remodel is not within your budget but you still want to make it happen. Here are nine tips to make your patio look luxurious without breaking the bank:

Add A Shade

Shades are staple in any luxurious patio setup. They can come as canopies, gazebos, awnings, or residential shade sails. Shades help you stay comfortable even when the sun’s out. But if adding one isn’t a part of your budget, you might want to consider adding a pergola instead.

A pergola works the same way as a canopy but is more accessible in price. Typically, pergolas are parallel vertical posts that support crossbeams or heavy lattices. On top, you can cover the pergola with canvas. On the other hand, you can a more open and natural element with climbing vines. A pergola adds a luxurious covered sitting area for you so you can enjoy your time in your backyard.

Fortunately, providers like Hardie Boys has a wide range of patio essentials to choose from (including pergolas) to give your patio an instant luxurious boost. Moreover, you can even DIY this, making the process a lot more budget-friendly. Still, you should consider letting professionals build and install it for you. Needless to say, pergolas can make your basic yard look fancy effortlessly.

Power-Wash Everything 

No matter how well-decorated your patio is, if you haven’t cleaned in a while, it won’t look luxurious. One way you can instantly give your space a quick refresh is by power-washing everything. This includes your walls, floors, roof and gutters, and even outdoor furniture.

Power-washing your exteriors removes years’ worth of grime and debris if you haven’t cleaned up in a long time. You can get a power-washer if you don’t have one yet, or you can get professionals to clean your exterior for you. A simple power-washing can give your home a fresh new start as you work on improving your patio’s redesign.

Choose Your Main Focal Point

As you decorate your patio, you’ll need to choose your main focal point. A focal point draws and holds the viewer’s attention using different design techniques or fixtures. If you’ve thought about adding different zones on your patio, putting them all together will make your outdoor space more disorganized. To make the entire space look put together, decide which zones you’d like to have, along with determining your main focal point.

Depending on your lifestyle and hobby, you can use your outdoor dining set as your main focal point. You can also add a firepit or other outdoor seating so you can spend the night drinking wine on your patio. Deciding your focal point helps make the entire space look more cohesive.

Stain Or Paint Your Deck 

One of the most affordable yet effective ways to refresh any space is by repainting it entirely. While you might not focus on your deck entirely as you visit your patio, its colors and condition can greatly affect its appearance as the base of the entire space.

To give your patio a quick refresh without breaking the bank, you might want to repaint or restain your deck. Luckily, this is something you can quickly DIY and won’t require professional help, allowing you to save on cost. Moreover, try to keep your choices within neutral colors. These colors help give off a fancy vibe for any space.

Make A Firepit 

It’s almost impossible to see a fancy patio without a firepit. It helps keep everyone warm and improve your entire patio’s appearance. A basic firepit should be enough, but you can still spruce up your firepit to luxurious levels.

You can build a firepit from stones or smooth it out with some gravel for a classy and posh aesthetic inside your property. Use darker colors to lessen the maintenance and to keep it looking neat for as long as possible.

Utilize Your Plants 

Add more natural elements to your patio by incorporating some plants. Suppose you’ve gone the pergola route and added climbing vines to the lattice. You can accentuate this design by adding potted herbs or flowers. Flower like marigolds can repel mosquitoes, so you’re hitting two birds with one stone. But if you already have some potted plants, a little rearranging around your patio couldn’t hurt. Plants help to make your patio look more natural and relaxing without breaking the bank.

Include String Lights

Outdoor lighting can help  make any space look luxurious and beautiful. However, adding some pendants lights or chandeliers outdoors might be a bit expensive, not to mention you need to secure your ceiling before installing them.

To save on cost but still add some grandeur to your patio, string lights are an excellent option. Adding them can help make your outdoor area look more peaceful, secluded, and romantic. It’s the perfect way to make your house look warm and inviting while providing a luxurious ambiance.

Attach Sheer Curtains 

If your patio already has a shade or pergola or if you plan to install one, you can spruce it up more by adding sheer curtains. Sheer curtains provide a softer touch to your patio and allow it to look sophisticated. These curtains can give your patio a relaxing mood as if you were in a five-star resort. Moreover, sheer curtains don’t cost a lot, so it’s one budget-friendly way to make your patio look fancy without breaking the bank. 

Maximize Seating And Comfort 

One element common among many fancy and luxurious patios is comfortable seating. This is where you can invite your guests to relax and have fun at the weekend. To ensure everyone is comfortable, you need to maximize your seating and add plenty of cushions. You can even add some throw pillows and a blanket to up the cozy factor. Don’t worry, as they’re affordable since they’re generally found indoors. Just ensure that you use neutral colors and patterns so it can adapt to your aesthetic.


Making your patio look fancy on a budget might be challenging, especially since outdoor fixtures don’t come cheap. But with the right planning and creativity, you should be able to make your patio look luxurious on a dime. Start by adding some shade for your patio. Follow it up with sheer curtains, potted plants, and huge cushions for max comfort. With the right combination of comfort and luxury, your patio will look more than fancy.