Are you thinking about doing a makeover in your bathroom by starting with your tub? Believe it or not, a lot of accidents may occur inside the bathroom and one of them is falling. Thus, it is important to make time when choosing the safest product to avoid accidents in the bathroom. After all, no one wants to spend their days in the hospital after a great fall drama. Thus, walk in tubs are becoming more popular nowadays.

Just like a walk in shower, a walk in tub is literally a tub with a door. You don’t need to step over the edge to get inside the tub. You just have to walk inside whenever you want to enjoy a good bubble bath or a warm bath. This tub is also the perfect option if you live with senior citizens or persons with special needs. It is faster to drain than traditional tubs and its powerful seal prevents the water from leaking around the door.

So, check out these things that you must consider when choosing a walk in tub:

  • Door


Since the door plays a huge part in a walk in tub, you should consider first the type of door. Depending on how much space you have in your bathroom, you can choose a walk in tub with an outward or inward swinging door. The most common walk in tubs are available on the market today are built with an inward swinging door and perks. This style helps the door to stay closed and sealed due to the water pressure that is pushed against it.

However, it’s hard to open its door for emergency purposes without draining the tub.Meanwhile, walk in tubs with an outdoor swinging door come with a special lock mechanism to keep its water inside. It is also easier to open for emergency purposes even when the tub is full. The only problem that some people encounter with this opening style is its required strength to open.

You need more muscle to open its lock and extra space in the bathroom to fully open it outward. Regardless of the opening style you want, you can choose one that includes safety rails for additional support.

  • Jet


If you need some pampering to relieve your body pains including your arthritis, invest in a jet. Even if investing on a basic walk in tub is tempting, this additional feature can actually help improve your health. Instead of spending huge money on spas regularly to ease your body pains, you can just soak in your own walk in tub. These air jets or whirlpool will help improve your weak muscles and joints. It can also improve your blood circulation and body coordination.

If you’re skin conscious, you can also take advantage of this additional feature to improve your skin complexion. These jets can help remove those dead skin cells to give you smoother and softer skin. But if you have sensitive skin, be sure to consult your doctor first before getting one.

  • Size

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The standard size of a tub is typically made with 60 inches length and 30/32 inches width. However, you can also get one that is either bigger or small depending on your needs and preference. Most walk in tubs are usually designed to be deeper too compared with regular bathtubs on the market. This is perfect if you prefer to soak in deeper while enjoying the soothing feeling of air jets on your body.

  • Cost


The cost of a walk in tub may vary depending on the size, style, and features you want to have. The more features you want the higher cost you have to expect on the market. Even though walk in tubs generally cost higher than the standard tubs, you can still cut some cost. Just the list the top things you really want in a walk in tub and find one according to your budget.


Are you ready to pamper yourself at home? Then get your own walk in tub now with the help of this guide. But regardless of the style, size, color, and features you want, always put your safety and comfort first when choosing. Check its quality to avoid encountering problems due to poor quality over time.