A lush well-maintained lawn is something that every homeowner dreams to have. It’s rightly said that a well-maintained lawn adds beauty to your home and increases its resale value. However, this doesn’t just happen by itself, you need to make a lot of efforts.

Maintaining a green turf is not a matter of hours, it takes a lot of dedication, time, and efforts. Also, you need to have the right tools and knowledge to do so, which is something not everyone has. The solution is to hire a lawn care in Marietta company with a good reputation and experience.

However, finding a lawn care company can be a hassle, and while Arbor Nomics Turf is the right choice in lawn care services, we want to ensure how to find the best lawn care company for your needs.

Here are a few things to consider to make sure you are getting what you pay for.

1. Experience and Reputation


This is one of the primary factors to consider when looking for the best lawn care Marietta company. Make sure the lawn care company you’re considering to hire has a good experience and is quite reputed as well. Shortlist some of the lawn maintenance agencies and observe what past clients have to share about their experience with the provider’s service grade. Also, ask for references from your family, friends, or coworkers who have hired a lawn care company in the past.

2. Licensed and Insured

Being insured and licensed is definitely a must when looking to hire lawn care services. You might be able to take care of your lawn by yourself, but having licensed and skilled professionals to take care of designing and maintaining your lawn can definitely work wonders.

They use modern strategies to bring out desirable results. Moreover, an insured company will be liable for any accidents that might occur during lawn care. You should only consider hiring agencies with proper licenses and insurance for your lawn care projects.

3. Equipment


The type of equipment the lawn care company has is another essential factor to consider as it will help decide on which company to select. An company that uses high-quality modern equipment is the ideal service provider. Look out for the lawn care company that uses modern equipment as well as has in-depth knowledge of all the equipment, planting procedures, treatments, and all other related details. Ask them questions and then hire skilled professionals.

4. Customer Service

Good customer care service is an important consideration when looking for the best lawn care company. Most of the agencies out there don’t offer an instant quote, it is a hassle to sign up, it is also difficult to modify services or get specialty jobs done. Many agencies are disorganized, and you will spend too much time playing phone tag. So, in that case, look for an company with an office manager or owner-operated as they will respond immediately and reasonably. Also, hire an company that is up-to-date on technology, reachable through email/social media, and offers emergency services.

5. Fees

Make sure you get a quote that is detailed enough so that you know exactly what services you will be paying for. If an company guarantees a yearly rate without seeing your lawn, then look for other company. Find out what payment plans are available. Can you pay a yearly fee upfront and save costs? Will they charge separately for the products like fertilizers? Will you be charged for service calls? And what extra fees or unexpected expenses might incur?

These are some of the things to consider when hiring the best lawn care and save money as well.


If you need an emergency lawn care, then hire Arbor Nomics Turf. They have a team of experienced and certified landscape specialists to take care of your lawn. Get in touch with them at 770 447 6037.