Are you looking to remodel your kitchen, but are on a tight budget? Read on to learn the top tips for remodeling a kitchen on a budget.

Did you know that the average kitchen remodel is between $12,568-$34,958?
It’s no surprise that most people don’t have this kind of money lying around and therefore need to do their kitchen remodel with a strict budget.

If you have been looking to remodel your kitchen but are nervous about overspending you’re in the right place. Keep reading to learn the top tips for remodeling a kitchen on a budget.

Tips for Remodeling a Kitchen on a Budget

Remodeling a kitchen is one of the most expensive remodels you can do in a home. Thankfully it is possible to remodel even if you are on a budget. Make sure to contact this great service professional who specializes in helping people with their kitchen remodels no matter your budget.


If changing out your cabinets is something you are looking to do then instead of changing them out you can opt to refresh them instead. There are different ways you can choose to refresh instead of change out.

You can reface the cabinets. This entails adding new wood or veneer to the outside of the cabinets and replacing the doors and the front of the drawers.
Another option is to paint the outside of the cabinets. Choosing a new color will make them look like brand new cabinets. There are different companies that specialize in providing paint that will stick to your cabinets and not peel off.

If you choose to replace the cabinets instead of refreshing them you can still save money by either finding cabinets that you have to put together yourself or buying cabinets that are partially made out of medium-density fiberboard. Cabinets that you have to put together yourself will be less expensive than ones that come already built. Cabinets that are partially made with medium density fiberboard are less expensive as well.


Replacing countertops is another area that you can quickly raise your budget. To keep this cost down you can choose a more budget-friendly material vs a high-end marble countertop. Especially if your countertop is large.

Usually, the least expensive material is laminate followed by Corian. Butcher block can also be budget-friendly but it depends on where you buy it and the condition. Keep in mind that sometimes a butcher block can cost as much or more than marble.

If your heart is set on getting a butcher block then make sure you shop around to find the best deal.
Another way to save on your countertops is to add a granite overlay over your current countertops. This option you can do it yourself if you choose and will cost much less than replacing the counters with granite. Once it’s said and done the final product will feel like granite.

If you prefer granite and don’t want to do an overlay then shop around for a granite wholesaler. This will be cheaper than buying it retail but you will have to factor in the cost to have someone cut it into the measurements you need to fit your countertop.

Keep the Same Layout

If you go the route of changing the entire kitchen layout you will find yourself needing a much bigger budget. If you keep the same layout instead of adding walls, moving appliance locations, and knocking down walls you won’t have to spend as much.
Keep the Same Layout
If you are in need of more countertop space adding a kitchen island is a perfect way to add more room without completely changing the layout of your kitchen.


Are your appliances outdated or need a few cosmetic repairs? If they are working then instead of replacing them you can choose to refurbish them yourself. If you like the stainless steel look you can choose to paint them and make them look like a whole new set of appliances.

Kitchen Sink

A perfect way to give your kitchen a new look is to replace the sink. You can go for a different material than you currently have or a different style. Nowadays farmhouse sinks are in and they give the kitchen a unique look.

Although going for a drop-in sink is less expensive it’s not much less than an under mount option or a farmhouse sink. This is personal preference on what style you prefer.

When it comes to the material there’s everything from stainless steel to quartz sinks. Keep in mind that if you’re on a tight budget stainless steel will be the most budget-friendly. Quartz will be the most expensive and can run well over $1,000.


Something that will add to any kitchen remodel is adding decorative accents. This will barely break the bank and give the kitchen a facelift. For example, a few indoor succulents on the countertop will give some greenery and a fresh of breath air.

You can also look at new shades if you have windows in your kitchen. Adding unique shades such as bamboo shades will give you new texture and can be a dramatic change without going over budget.

If you have any hanging light fixtures you can replace those with unique and fun fixtures. You can look for something that’s eye-catching and dramatic.

Enjoy Your New Kitchen!

No matter what options you choose, as you can see remodeling a kitchen on a budget is possible. All it takes is a little thinking outside of the box and you will be able to enjoy your new kitchen before you know it.

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