If you are looking for an online solution to meet all your fresh flower requirements, look no further than Your Flower Story London. This company is a small florist solution business based in London to help provide their clients with all kinds of services they might require in the floral décor sector. This company’s highly dedicated team of florists will work tirelessly to bring all your floral dreams to life. Not just that, all of these services are provided perfectly with the best quality flowers at a minimum price. 

This company will help create the most elegant floral arrangements for you and your loved ones, no matter your requirements. You can choose from a variety of different flowers and designs from the catalog apart from that. If a design from the catalog does not suit your liking, you can even present them with a design of your choice, and they will recreate it in the most perfect manner. 

This company does not simply crimp up all the flowers and puts them in a bundle to send them over to the customers. Instead, they put in great time and effort to arrange the freshest of the blooms in the most artistic manner. You will always be served with top quality bouquets that are tailor-made to your requirement with keen care and skill.

Common floral arrangement errors

Pretty much everyone has a bad experience when it comes to getting a floral arrangement done from somewhere or getting a bouquet. We all have faced the problems of either the flowers not being fresh enough or the setting not meeting the requirement which we had expressed earlier. What most of the florists do is that they show you one thing in the pictures and at the same time on-ground what they deliver to you is an entirely different thing.  Here are a few things that go wrong and how they can be avoided:

Most of the florists present their customers with beautiful and perfectly made-up bouquets and floral arrangements. Whatever you see in the catalog may not be all true. Most of the time, all of those glamourous setups are just camera tricks. This is why most of us are disappointed with the service we get because what we see in those catalogs is not the expertise of the florists who have gone into the work. Instead, those are camera tricks used for advertisement. 

Hence, it is always better to ask for pictures of setups that these florists have made for their previous customers. That way, it will be easier for you to judge their services and the skills they have to offer. The previously served customers’ pictures will have no camera tricks involved as those are real-time pictures. In the catalog, these florists exaggerate their work to grab as many customers as they can. 

Moreover, if you are still unsure, take along your own box or vase, you want to get decorated and ask the florists for a sample set up. That way, you will be able to judge not only their presentation skills; rather you will also be able to look closely at the quality of flowers that they are using. In pictures, the flowers can be tied and pushed to the front to give a bouquet a fuller look. That may not be true in real-time as more flowers will have to be added to give your bouquet a heavier look. 

How to avoid the errors

 It is always wise to call or visit the florist physically when placing an online order to better understand their operations. Have a chat with them about your requirements because that will help clear up as to how far they understand what you need from them. Present them with your budget because that way, you will get a clearer picture of what you will get, which will save you from any last-minute disappointment. 

With the help of You Flower Story florist london, all of these prior mentioned errors are completely eradicated as they upgrade their services regularly to meet the changing requirement of customers at all times. This company delivers on all days of the week except Sunday. Sometimes if a client has a special requirement for a bouquet, the CEO of the company pays close attention to it himself and delivers it to the customers to ensure that the quality remains consistent.

If you are facing trouble finding bouquets at the last minute, this company will deliver a bouquet for you on the same day if you make a booking before 1pm. This way, your loved one will receive their bouquet in no time, and your day will be saved.  Hand-made bouquets will be tailor-made to your requirement and will be sent your way with love and care by this company. Customer satisfaction is the top priority of this company; hence, they always find ways to further perfect their operations.