It does not matter if you love your pet more than anything in the world; pet hair is not a good look. So here are some ways you can get rid of it easily!

Pets lose their hair naturally. Whether it is because they are getting old or their hair is damaged, it is inevitable. Even though the process of shedding is healthy, it can leave a lot of unwanted residues. The amount of pet hair you are inflicted with depends on several factors. But how can you make sure to rid yourself of it? During the spring seasons, pets like dogs and cats will shed their hair more. This is because they no longer need the extra coating once winter is gone. It is around this time that you need to be prepared to tackle a lot of hair using wipes for your cat.

Your everyday pets typically have three main types of hair:

1. Long and course primary hairs
2. Softer and cleaner secondary hairs
3. Whiskers and other kinds of tactile hairs

Why Do Pets Shed Their Hair?

Pets have fur and hair all around their bodies for protection and temperature control. When their hair stops growing during the warmer seasons, they naturally lose the excess. Since this is a normal process, a few dog or cat hairs are nothing to worry about. But you have to note if the shedding is in control or if it is unusual. Heavy shedding is frequent in different breeds of pets, but it is better to get it checked. All in all, when your animal is shedding, it is merely a way to adapt to their environment.

Getting Rid of Pet Hair: Tips and Tricks

Air Purifiers


Getting an air purifier for pet hair is a good idea for your home. The purifier tackles all kinds of pet hairs inside your home and even deals with odours and smells. Since it is a small product, you can place it anywhere in your home. This way, your pets are allowed to roam free and enjoy themselves, while the space stays clean.

Fabric Choices

There are different kinds of fabrics that you wear daily. Some of these materials are more likely to pick up pet hair. So if you are prone to wearing velour and corduroys, you will attract a lot of hair. It is better to choose synthetic options as they gather fewer amounts. Opting for satins and leathers is an excellent way to reduce the excess hair on your body.

Using Rubber Gloves

Getting dog and cat fur off your furniture can be a hard task. This is why using a pair of rubber gloves will help you out. Simply put them on your hands and run them all over the sofa and beds. This will ensure that the hair attached itself to the gloves because of surface tension. Once the hair rolls off, you can simply throw it out.

Microfiber Cloths

If you have an accumulation of pet hair on non-upholstered furniture, you can use a microfiber cloth. These kinds of pieces are made from wood and glass materials, so using this cloth is quite effective. You can spray it with water and then rub it all over the furniture. A charge is created from this friction which makes the hair stick to the cloth. You can wash the fabric after you are done and reuse it.

Vacuuming with Liquid Softeners


Sometimes even when you vacuum for an hour, you cannot get rid of all the shedding. This is very prevalent during the springtime, and it causes a lot of stress for pet owners. What you can do to make vacuuming more effective is adding a liquid softener. If you add a spoon of this to a bottle and then mix it with water, you have got just the solution. Simply spray on your chairs and carpets and then vacuum up the hair. You will notice that all the hair disappears immediately.

Fur Remover Brush

This is a great fur remover tool to keep on hand if you have a lot of pets. It gives you a quick way to do some initial cleaning when you’re feeling lazy. The bristles capture all the hair present on your animal and remove any loose ends. This can also be used on carpets to remove the previous shedding and it quite convenient for short term removals.

Dampen Your Carpet

It is common for hair to get embedded in carpets and other heavy fabrics. And then it becomes even harder to get it out. The trick is to slightly dampen the carpet and then use a broom to collect the hair in one place. Once you’re done, you can simply use a vacuum to get rid of it all in one swift motion. The idea is not to soak it completely but damp enough for the hair to move around easily.

Clothes and Pet Hair


Pet hair tends to cling to your clothes whenever you pick up your cat or dog. For quick removal, before you leave the house, you can simply use a lint roller to get rid of the fur. Keep this on hand wherever you are, in case you missed a spot. However, for removing larger amounts of fur from clothes, simply put them in the dryer. Add a dryer sheet and let it stay for a few minutes. The moving around of the fabric allows the hair to be loosened until it falls off.

How to Avoid Shedding

Besides using all these tips, here is how you can avoid the problem of shedding from the outset:


If your pet has a good diet and is healthy, they will ultimately shed less hair. You have to make sure that they are getting a lot of protein, so their growth is regulated, and they are active.


If your pet has full access to water, they will shed less. Dehydration is one of the main causes of dry skin in animals, and it can lead to many issues. Ensure that there is always fresh water for them to drink.


Fur dropping can be limited easily with grooming. When you keep your pet well maintained, it will lead to less hair fall. Brushing your pet’s coat on a daily basis is an easy way to ensure that they shed less.

In Conclusion

It is okay if you always find pet hair in your house. Pets tend to shed a lot, and as their owner, you will have to take care of it. You can follow the given tips to make sure everything looks tidy and hair-free. You can also try to groom and take care of your pet better so that the problem does not persist.