Even though foxes are adorable, they can cause a lot of problems for homeowners.

Like domestic dogs, they are willing to eat just about anything, whether that means digging through your garbage for scraps or eating your backyard chickens.

They can also harm both flower gardens and vegetable gardens. Your house isn’t safe, either, since they are known for burrowing underneath decks, patios, and foundations. This can result in a significant amount of damage.

If you are dealing with a fox problem and want to keep them from getting into your garden, there are several different options that you can try.

Eliminate Potential Food Sources

Like other wild animals, foxes often enter gardens in search of food. Getting rid of any potential food sources on your property can go a long way toward preventing this problem. A simple fix that may eliminate the problem altogether is to use garbage cans with lids that lock. This will keep the foxes from digging through your garbage in search of a snack.

Put Up A Fence

Put Up A Fence
Putting a fence around the perimeter of your garden is one of the most effective ways to keep foxes out. Choose a sturdy fence that is made out of metal, fences and electric fences helps – consider posts like these. Chain link is a good option. Consider digging down into the dirt underneath the fence and installing a hardware cloth barrier to keep them from digging underneath. Another option is to purchase a fence that is taller than what you actually need. You can then dig a trench and install it about a foot below the surface of the ground when you put it in place.

Try The Jet Spray Repeller By PestBye

A company called PestBye makes a motion-activated Jet Spray Repeller that is highly effective at getting rid of foxes. When a fox walks nearby, the sprayer activates, shooting out a stream of water. The water sprays out as far as ten meters. It also covers a 120° area around the sprayer. The total time that the device sprays is approximately 5 seconds. This sends the fox a clear signal that they aren’t welcome on your property. The sensitivity of the device can be customized based on your preferences, allowing you to set it however works best for your situation.

Use An Ultrasonic Repellent For Foxes

Use An Ultrasonic Repellent For Foxes
Dogs are notorious for having excellent hearing. Foxes are no different. You can take advantage of their hearing abilities by using the Ultrasonic Repeller by PestBye. Although this device was originally made for cats, it is equally as effective on foxes. There aren’t any safety issues associated with using it. It is also completely humane. You can adjust it based on your unique requirements. Its infrared motion sensors are designed specifically to prevent false alarms. Installing the device is as easy as putting batteries in it and setting it up on your property.

Get Rid Of Appealing Habitat

If foxes keep coming back to your garden over and over again or if they move on to your property, it is only because they find something about the setting appealing. Typically, they are in search of areas where they can stay safe. Whether that means hiding in a thick patch of brush or behind a pile of wood, they tend to build dens in hidden areas that are out-of-the-way. Removing these hiding spots can reduce the likelihood of foxes visiting your garden.

Try The Scoot Fox Repellent

The Scoot sachets, which contain 50 g of fox repellent, are not harmful to foxes. They do, however, help drive them away, keeping them from spending time in your garden. You can use these sachets just about anywhere, whether that means using them around your trees and shrubs or on other surfaces on your property. Each sachet works to repel foxes in an area that measures approximately 34 m². The liquid can be applied by hand with a watering can or using a special sprayer.

Use Fox Deterrents That Are Mounted On The Wall

Use Fox Deterrents That Are Mounted On The Wall
Foxes usually enter yards by digging underneath fences or walls. Sometimes, however, they also jump over fences rather than digging under them. In cases like these, these wall spikes for fences are a highly effective solution. They are sold in 10-packs and do a great job of keeping all kinds of animals away, including foxes.

Use Flashing Lights To Scare Them Away

Even though foxes are predatory animals, they also are easily frightened. You can take advantage of that by using the Predator Eye Pro. This unique device has a motion detector that activates flashing lights when a fox walks nearby. These lights can help scare unwanted critters away. The device itself is powered by the sun, meaning that you don’t have to deal with wiring. Setting it up is as easy as placing it outside.

Keep Them From Digging

Foxes love to dig. They often find their way underneath fences or walls. In some cases, they even dig under homes, outbuildings, or patios to create dens. The Prickle Strip Dig Stopper by Defenders is designed to keep foxes from digging. It is durable enough to withstand the weather and can work in a variety of different areas. Even though it does need to be placed underground, it is a lot easier to install than you might think. As long as you have a small shovel, you can start using it to keep foxes away today.

Put A Fence Around Your Compost Heap

Put A Fence Around Your Compost Heap
Composting is a great practice that is both effective and environmentally friendly. Unfortunately, all of the scraps of food that you throw away can wind up drawing pests like foxes to your property. Putting a fence around your compost bin is an effective way to keep these unwanted pests away. When creating an area for composting, install a hard floor and make sure that there is a barrier around the entire area.

These ten methods are all effective ways to keep foxes from entering your garden or taking up residence on your property. The best part is, every single option listed above is humane. You don’t have to resort to trapping the foxes or killing them. If you try everything listed above and are still having trouble with foxes, consider calling a pest control specialist. Look for one that will humanely trap and relocate the animals rather than killing them. If you do manage to create barriers for the foxes, check your property carefully to make sure that there are no kits hidden inside the barrier. This is especially important in the spring, which is when foxes give birth.