If decluttering is one of your resolutions this year, you must be looking for ideas to make this possible. Decluttering makes your life more organized and significantly helps improve your mental health. One of the areas to pay attention to in your efforts to declutter your home is the walls.

They carry a lot of unnecessary stuff that may not seem so in the first instance. Letting go of some items on your walls may be hard, but the rewards will be well worth the effort. With a few tips on how to get started, you’ll be on your way to having decluttered walls.


Preparing for decluttering may sound like a silly idea as the instinct is to roll up your sleeves and get to work. However, don’t underestimate the mental, emotional, and physical work that goes into decluttering.
Make a list of the walls you need to declutter, as well as the items you need to get remove. You may write down suggestions of what to do with the items. This way, you’ll have an easier time when it comes to the actual work.

Have separate boxes to pack the items you wish to give away, store or reuse.

Schedule the Time for Decluttering

Having a timeline for decluttering your walls shows the commitment you have towards the project. Determine how much time you have to clean up and how much time you’ll dedicate to each area. Decluttering a bookshelf may take less time than it’ll take to clear your kitchen cabinets.

Avoid cleaning up the entire house in a single day. This will lead to burn out and will prevent you from doing a perfect job.

Recycle, Donate, Sell, or Keep Away

In the preparation stage, set aside some boxes to pack away the clutter. Not everything can be reused; neither can everything be thrown away. For example, you may have some photos you wish to get off the walls.

They may not qualify as throw-away items, but you can store them away safely in a different format. The best thing to preserve them for longer is to convert them into a digital form. This is possible by having them scanned and uploaded into online storage.

You can check for ideas and help on how to go about this here:
Recycle, Donate, Sell, or Keep Away
Digitally stored photos will be easy to pass down to your future family generation, in good condition.

Other valuable items like wall décor and electronics can be donated or posted for resale. Look for charity organizations that accept décor items as donations.

For the items you choose to keep, let them have a place of their own, whether in a cabinet or container.

Do it Often

Clutter cumulates if you leave your space disorganized for a long time. Once you declutter the first time, strive to make decluttering your lifelong habit.

You can make it part of your weekly or monthly cleaning, and it doesn’t have to wait once a year. For example, ensure you keep appliances you don’t regularly use in a cabinet as soon as you’ve finished using them. This will ensure your kitchen top stays clutter-free.

Final Thoughts

Decluttering your home brings new life and energy into your space. Sometimes, the walls tend to be forgotten when removing unnecessary items. If you check around, there’s a host of things you can eliminate from the walls for a cleaner house.

Create a decluttering plan, noting down the items to remove and what to do with each. Once you’re done the first time, make it a habit to declutter more often.