Many companies are moving to smaller spaces. There are many reasons. One main reason is to save on rental costs. Another one could be to transfer to a better location and that is the only available space for rent. It could also be for proximity to clients or customers.

If your office is moving a smaller space, we know it can be difficult. This is true especially if you have a lot of big items at your previous office. To help you, we will be giving some tips below to make your move out easier.

Plan your New Office

You can hire an interior design for your new office. Or you can do it on your own if you can. It will be exciting to give a fresh new look for your new office! It will also boost the morale of the employees. Some employees may have doubts and concerns moving to a new location. This can happen especially if the location is far from their residence. But by showing a great looking space and layout, they can anticipate the move-out. Show them their new desks and the new pantry. Make them feel excited!

Another advantage of planning the layout of your office is that you can plan what you will bring. Check the dimensions of each room to see which of your previous things can fit. This way, you would know which ones to dispose of and bring.

Dispose of Items You will Not Bring

Now you have planned your new office. You decide to bring some items from your old office. Or you decide to revamp and bring in new and updated furniture. Whatever your choice is, the point is that you will still have to dispose of items.

What you can do is to offer them on employee sale! Auction the furniture like desks and chairs to your employees. Of course, make sure you price it very low. After all, they are your employees!

Organize your Team

To make packing easier and more efficiently, you can split the tasks. Some can do the errands to buy items you need like boxes, packing tapes, straws, and markers. Other members of the team can do the sorting and shredding. You can also assign people to pack the electronics. For pantry items, you can also have someone check food if they are still not yet expired.

Little things matter. Involving everyone and letting each one know their responsibilities are important. Otherwise, you might be surprised that there are items left unpacked come move-out day.

Sort your Files

Check the files you currently have. Some companies have a five or ten-year policy of keeping files. Moving to a new office is a good time for spring cleaning. Tell all the employees to check and sort all the documents. Throw away old or duplicate files you no longer need. For confidential documents, make sure you shred them.

Put in boxes the files you intend to bring. Label each box. You can label each box by year, project, or department. That depends on you. The important thing is to properly and legibly label each one.

Carefully Pack the Electronics

These include computers, printers, scanners, and other gadgets. Each department has different electronic devices. If the original boxes are still with you, pack them back right in there. If you don’t have those with you anymore, find a box that fits the device right. Do not put the electronics in boxes that are too big for them. Otherwise, they may get shaken during travel.

Tie the cords and wires properly. Label each cord to match the gadget or computer it belongs to. Ideally, pack these cords and wires in the same box as the electronic device. This way, they will not be lost.

Take a picture of equipment with several wires, accessories, and attachments. In this manner, you can use this as a guide on how to re-assemble back.

Lastly, label these devices with clear markings on who they belong to. Many items look the same, such as computers. Write the owner on masking tape to temporarily label these devices. Even the boxes should be labeled too. Put the owner and the department the item belongs to. It will make it much easier for each employee to find, unbox, and re-assemble it. Don’t forget to put ‘fragile’ markings, as well.

Schedule Move-Out Day

When it comes to scheduling your move out day, it may be best to arrange it during the time of the year where work is lesser. Don’t time it during critical seasons and strict deadlines with clients. Some companies schedule move out on a Saturday to ensure it does not interrupt working hours.

If you have your own trucks you can use them. If you don’t, it will be best to get a professional mover. Get experts in office relocations Perth to ease you from the trouble of moving out.

The advantage of getting professional movers is their experience. They are very careful when it comes to handling objects. Having reliable companies to deal with your move out will give you peace of mind for this big milestone.

Update your new address

Lastly, do not forget to update immediately your website and social media of your new address and contact numbers. Send an email to inform your clients, suppliers, and partners. This way, you will not potentially lose out on important sales and transactions.

Ready for moving-out? Reach out to experts in office relocations Perth.