We all saw the atrocities The Amazon went through, and technically, has been going through for quite some time now. The day is not very far when we actually start running out of oxygen big time and will have to buy the most vital thing required for living. Our lungs are already suffering for the immense pollution we humans have brought upon Earth.

The situation is so horrible that we have to depend on artificial but beneficiary things like opting for air filter subscription services. While we cannot prevent our atmosphere from getting worse day by day, we can make sure we stay safer by these following pointers –

Indoor Plants

Indoor Plants

Our civilization has pretty much permanently damaged nature. We can no longer undo that.

Nevertheless, planting green plants at home keeps the air fresh as they reduce noise, dust, chemical vapors, and harmful toxins from the air. Also, the existence of plants and greenery will lighten up your mood and make you physically and mentally healthy. Plants like Scindapsus, green money plant, peace lily, areca palm, snake plant, rubber plant, and others, work as natural air filters and enrich the purity of the air that is surrounding you. Furthermore, these plants absorb benzene, nitrogen oxide, and carbon dioxide from the air around.

Breathing Exercises

It is the age of Yoga and modern exercising. With technology and change in lifestyle, we have definitely become very lazy and unhealthy. That adds up fast and blockages all through our respiratory system resulting in asthma, cold, and other breathing problems. Regular and methodological breathing exercises not only improve the respiratory system but also burn calories and help remove congestion.

Eat Well

Eat Well

Change in lifestyle is one of the necessities today. Eat fresh. Eat healthily. Eat organic. Regular consumption of green tea and homemade hot soups not only improves metabolism and burn calories but also removes congestion and builds immunity. A balanced diet containing all kinds of vitamins, minerals, and enormous amounts of antioxidants that control free radicals is essential. Drink plenty of water and liquids all day to stay hydrated and remove toxins from your body. Always soak fruits and vegetables at least one hour before consumption.

Walk away from traffic

Use masks, handkerchiefs, full-sleeve clothes when outdoors. Try to keep window panes of your car closed. Living in a metropolitan is hard, but you should try to keep yourself safe from rush hours and traffic. Research suggests an average non-smoker intakes more smoke from pollution than a cigarette smoker does. Bus, cars and other vehicles tend to release more smoke when they slow down at crossings. Hence, step back at signals.

Air filters

Particulate air filters are devices composed of pores and fibers used indoors to purify the air. It removes solid particles like dust, pollen grains, bacteria, soot, and more from the air, which may harm your breathing. They also act as fragrant and come in various scents. They have been used in aircraft and auditoriums for quite some time now. Nowadays, vehicles too have air filtration subscription services. They are cheap and essential. They can also be attached to air-conditioners and heaters for reasonable use. Since this is new, you can also get amazing discounts and combination offers on installation.

Campaign for clean air

Campaign for clean air

Following the above tips will help you save yourself from pollution hazards, pass it on. Educate other people and teach them the basics. Try taking initiatives for the prevention of pollution and protection of the environment whenever possible. Question the authorities and force them to take actions to prevent Earth from turning into ruins. Also, educate fellow beings every day.