Every house’s roof serves a very important purpose: it protects the home from sunlight, rain, and ice. A house can never be said to be fully complete without a roof.

Even when you eventually complete your house with a roof, there is still a need for you to insure it in the case of roof damage.

Types of Roof Damage Insurance covered by Homeowner’s Insurance

Your homeowner’s insurance policy should cover the roof. However, the types of roof damage covered by your insurance will depend on the policy’s terms and why your roof needs to be repaired or replaced. Typically, in Florida, your homeowner’s insurance covers sudden and accidental problems and those caused by certain events such as wind, fire, hail, or snow.

These types are:

  1. Insurance for partial damage: In some cases, the roof’s lifespan is shortened due to damage. Your insurance policy might be such that the damage if the roof is covered even if the roof is only partially damaged.
  2. Insurance for matching issues: If the materials to fix your roof are not available, your insurance company might have to replace the roof completely. For example, if your roof is made up of slate tile, and you cannot find them anymore, you might have to replace the tiles completely.

Causes of Roof Damage

There are quite many things that can result in your roof being damaged. These are:

  1. Aging Shingles:One of the major reasons a roof gets damaged is because it has seen better days. Your roof could already be old, weak, and brittle, and it could even be past its warranty. In this case, it is only wise to invest in roof replacement than continual repairs.
  2. Lack of Roof Repair:The reason your roof is damaged might be because you refuse to repair your roofs at the appropriate time.
  3. Water and cold temperatures:Although In some parts of Florida, you do not have to worry about ice dams, which are a major cause of roof damage in northerly climates, you can still get an occasional cold rain with small amounts of ice, and you can still get hit by hail occasionally. The truth is, it only takes one of these kinds of hits to get your roof damaged.
  4. Wind and storms: Wind and storms are also other things that cause roof damage. Materials with high wind resistance can help protect your roofs in the case of a windstorm.
  5. High heat:In certain places, especially Florida, UV light, and high heat during the summer will eventually take a toll on the roof. Ventilating and insulating your attic will help reduce this.
  6. Improper Installation:A major cause of roof damage has to do with Improper installation. When you use the services of a non-professional in your installation, your roof is a step away from getting damaged.
  7. Walking on the roof:Some people cause their roofs to get damaged by walking on them. Some even wear spiked boots on it. This will cause punctures on the roof, and it might not be visible immediately, but with time the damage will tell.

Why you need a roof damage claim attorney

In 1992, two catastrophic hailstorms struck Florida leading to the destruction of many homes and businesses. Some of these claims were paid, while the insurance companies denied some. Here is one of the reasons you need contact a property damage insurance claim lawyer from Louis Law Group for you roof damage. Whenever roof damage occurs, your insurance company will try their best to reduce your claim or deny it. However, they cannot succeed at this in the presence of a roof damage attorney.

Other reasons you need a roof damage attorney include:

  1. Hidden costs and damages: There is a tendency for a person without a roof damage claim attorney to get a settlement that is less than what a person with one would get. This is because an attorney would ensure that his client gets settled irrespective of what the insurance company presents.
  2. They would help you gather and organize all important documents: Because a roof damage claim attorney understands how important the documents relating to one’s property his, he or she will ensure that all your documents are properly managed and do everything that would speed up your settlement.
  3. They would proceed with negotiations: If the need arises, your roof damage claim attorney will gladly proceed with negotiations and this will help your property claim not get denied by the insurance company as well. This does not in any way suggest that they will settle for anything less favorable for you. Instead, they will ensure that you get all that you deserve.
  4. Potential confusion about roof damage policies: It is normal for you to be confused about your roof damage claim. But with a professional to guide you through, you can rest assured that your roof damage claim attorney will let you know all there is to know about your insurance policy.
  5. A strong, well-supported claim: The truth is you cannot prepare a stronger roof damage claim than the one your roof damage claim attorney would prepare. With the right roof damage attorney, you would not only get a strong, well-supported roof damage claim; you would also get all your settlement.
  6. Simplicity: Your roof damage claim attorney would ensure that you are not kept in the dark. You will be aware of every decision made, and all these will be communicated to you in clear and simple terms. This way, your insurance company will not be able to cheat you of what is rightfully yours.


Taking the necessary steps to ensure that your roof is in the best condition is very important. This should be done regularly as a house without a good roof is useless. Also, to ensure that you get the best settlement in the case of roof damage, you need a competent roof damage claim attorney, and there are quite a number of them in Florida. All you need to do is go online and make a search.