A garage full of tools is a man’s playground, until it’s time to put them away. Find the best tool storage solution here with these top 10 storage ideas.

Can’t find your wrench or a specific pair of pliers?

It’s easy to lose tools, especially if you use them often. This issue can grow exponentially if there are more people in the house or if you don’t have labeled storage areas.

You need an accessible tool storage solution to guarantee nothing gets lost. You also need to make sure kids can’t reach the tools.

Well, we’re here with a few options to consider. Read on to discover our list of storage solutions you can try out today:

1. Wrench Rack Using a Belt or Tie Rack

Wrench Rack Using a Belt or Tie Rack
Figuring out how to store your wrenches without having to fiddle about the toolbox? How about placing your wrenches in a spot that is within your reach?
This is how this tool storage solution comes in. You can use a belt or tie rack and fasten it to any surface, like a wall or a cabinet door. This way, you can organize your wrenches by size and length, giving you an easier time to get the right tool for the job.

2. Tool Cabinet with Sliding Pegboard Doors

Even a simple tool cabinet can do wonders. Look for something spacious and easy to work with. You can get more info here about these important factors.
If you are up for something that you can customize, you can also opt to build one yourself.

While you venture into building a custom tool cabinet, consider the idea of using doors made of pegboard. This way, you can have a surface where you can hang your screwdrivers, pliers, and other tools while leaving room for containers and other power tools.

3. Power Tool Charging Station

Thinking of finding a delegated storage point for your power tools? You might want to also have a wireless charger in furniture integrated as well. This can help you with your cordless power tools as you have the battery packs regain the power used.

Make sure you have a decent storage dock and check if the charging station is near power sockets.

4. PVC Drill Holders

Another ingenious idea is to use PVC pipes as drill holders. You can pull this off by having portions of the pipe cut off to accommodate the grips. This lets you insert the power tool into the pipe.
PVC Drill Holders
Often placed along the wall and under the shelves, this approach helps you take advantage of the durable nature of PVC. It provides you another DIY solution to try out.

5. Customized Wall Panel with Containers and Baskets

This approach works on everything, from gardening tools to mechanical ones. By opting for a more open-concept storage, you don’t have to dig through cabinets and rummage through the various containers.

Use the hooks to hang tools like hoses, rakes, and so on. Utilize baskets mounted on the wall for cleaning agents. You can also use clear plastic containers for other items like paint brushes and sponges.

6. Toilet Tubes for Organizing Cables

If you want an interesting way to sort up your cables, consider this nifty trick.
If you have paper towel tubes and toilet paper tubes at home, try reusing them as a means to bundle the cables in a secure manner. They can also work as a storage canister when sorted together in a single container.

You can sort out your charger cables, USB cables, and other wires that you have no use for. Easily say goodbye to the wires piling up like a nest with this method.

7. Shelf Brackets with Hooks for Hanging Tools

Shelf Brackets with Hooks for Hanging Tools
Use shelf brackets with hooks designed for clothes hanger rods for this approach. These rod hooks can come in handy when you install these types of brackets in the garage and workshop. It allows the brackets to work double duty in storing your tools.

Make sure to bend the hooks to fit the purpose you have in mind. This will allow you to hang long tools like the grass cutters or other similar items. It’s also a great idea to hang coils of cord on these hooks for easy storage.

8. Storing Tools with Awkward Sizes in Labeled Plastic Totes

The hard part about certain tools is that some of them have awkward shapes or sizes. This makes it unwieldy when placing them on the pegboard or storing them in a cabinet. Here’s a solution that you can test out.

Have some plastic totes ready and stow these tools and items accordingly. Remember to label them and sort according to the categories you listed. This makes it easier to find and fetch the tool or material need for any given occasion.

Also, use clear plastic totes. This gives a clear visual of the objects stored in each container.

9. Nuts and Bolts in Clear Containers and Jars

In the same vein as the plastic totes, store the smaller items like nuts and bolts in clear containers and jars. Don’t forget to label the jars too. This makes it easier to find bolts of specific sizes.

Another benefit of this solution is that you can easily track all the small objects. It’s less likely now for something tiny to fall loose and get lost.

10. Panpipe Tool Storage for Slender Tools

Panpipe Tool Storage for Slender Tools
Let us revisit the PVC pipes for this concept, in this case going for the ones with a smaller diameter. Put these pipes together and build something similar to a panpipe tool storage device. Use these pipes for other slender tools like screwdrivers, wrenches, and pliers.

Take Advantage of a Great Tool Storage Solution Today!

Found a tool storage solution that optimizes practicality and creativity? With these, you can find ways to store and sort your tools in a neat manner, letting you keep items within reach. Try them yourself and you might have ideas you can try out.

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