If you are lucky enough to have your own outdoor garden, you should really attend to beautifying it. Open outdoor spaces are like a blank canvas to relish. 

We know by now you must have started imagining all the myriad decor things. But before you finalize anything, shortlist ideas that will be useful and practical for your backyard. How about making an outdoor sink table? It will be of great use to you outdoors for gardening, BBQ sessions, and much more. 

The trendy idea right now is a portable outdoor sink. Really innovative and super functional. So, here we are to present you with some very creative outdoor sink ideas. Perhaps, this article will inspire you in building your very own sink.

Here are some ideas for you – 

Outdoor stone sink

A stone finish provides you with a lovely natural texture, perfectly suiting the rustic outdoor vibe. The good thing is, you can keep it rustic and traditional or polish it for your modern home.  

An outdoor garden sink station

If you are really into gardening, how about installing a multi-use sink? You can get everything on it. An all-in-one sink. Doesn’t this make the gardener nerve in you happy?

An open patio sink

Love cooking outdoors on your patio on a Sunday? Well, if you are extra blessed to have an open patio, we say you deck it up with an outdoor sink idea like this one. It is very welcoming, especially when you host a lot of parties.

Outdoor kitchen sink made with a repurposed wine barrel

Now, isn’t this fancy? This portable outdoor sink is a mindful idea of recycling your old things into something useful. Plus, it is pretty easy on your pockets in terms of budget. All you need is a good set of plumbing tools or an experienced plumber to help you in setting it up. And, let’s all agree, it does look fancy, right?

Wooden sink station

Wood really gels with the outer surroundings no matter what your house’s aesthetic is. You can make a customized wooden sink for your backyard as per your preferences. This outdoor sink station idea can be a great storage space for all your gardening tools and other outdoor utilities. 

The Minimalistic Approach

Simplistic architecture is on the rise now and everyone’s gunning for it. So, why not a minimalistic outdoor sink? Muted colors actually accentuate the beauty of any element, especially outdoors. 

Recycled oil drum outdoor sink idea

This is another great idea of re-using old materials lying in your storeroom. You can actually transform an old metal drum into a fully functioning sink. Again, you’ll need plumbing tools to set this boy up. Repaint the oil drum in the desired color of your own. Recycling can sure be fun.

The Stone + Wood COMBO

A combo of two strong elements is what makes this sink idea a great one. Wood and stone lend a very earthy rustic feel. Also, very mid-century modern.

Mediterranean style wall fountain

How about installing a wall fountain instead of an outdoor sink? Unique, right?! This wall fountain will also serve as an accent piece especially if you have an outdoor wall. If you go with this idea, various hand painted mural tiles can be up for grabs. Plus, it is up to you to install a tap or a running water nozzle. 

Outdoor copper sink

If metal finishes fascinate you, this copper sink would be a great choice to opt. 

Conclusion – 

We hope you like our outdoor sink station ideas. These ranged from low-budget DIYs to some fancy sink setups. We tried incorporating a wide range of ideas here. You can replicate these ideas as they are or even put your own spin on them by taking inspiration. It is your call. 

Do share your views on this blog and let us know which idea you liked the most. To know more ideas like this visit The Arch Digest.