What are the latest trends in wall design? Splashing your walls with just one colour is still a popular choice today, but shouldn’t we be moving away from this trend now? Why don’t we try to get more creative and make a statement in more artistic ways? Let’s try out textured walls this year, a brand new trend. And the best part is that they look good in any space, be it your bedroom, living room, kitchen or even the bathroom.

Textured walls are powerful and impactful. When introduced in any space, they add a lot of depth, completely transforming the room.

So how can you add texture to the walls? Choose natural materials such as wood and marble. Textured walls can be created using various paint techniques, but in case you don’t want to experiment with them, you can use wallpapers to get the same effect. In fact, wallpapers are a much better choice because they’re affordable, easy to use and come in an array of designs and patterns. Plus, they are easily available; buy them from an online wallpaper store in Melbourne, and they’ll ship your chosen products on the address you provide.

Let’s review some textured ideas that you can try out in your home, office or elsewhere.

Add Oomph with Floral Textures

Add Oomph with Floral Textures
Floral textures work best in the bedroom or living room. Choose pale colours or go with bright shades depending on the rest of the home décor. Consider the floral texture in the image below, which would look good in a nursery or a child’s room.

Alternatively, you could also go with a vintage floral wallpaper if you want a traditional yet elegant look in the room. The vintage floral wallpaper in the image is ideal for formal spaces.
Create a Textured Effect Using a Flat Plaster Paddle

Create a Textured Effect Using a Flat Plaster Paddle

If you paint walls using a flat plaster paddle, instead of the traditional brush or rollers, your walls get a 3D kind of effect. Generally, this style looks best in pale, subtle shades like mint green, lavender or sky blue. When done correctly, plastered walls fully integrate into the space, giving the room a modern look.

Give Wooden Panels a White Washed Look

Do you want something simpler for the walls? Whitewashed wooden panels create a warm and friendly look. Mix a paint colour of your choice with water until you get a shade you like. Now brush it on the wall, and wipe clean. Continue doing this until the walls are your desired colour.

How do you get the look when you don’t have any existing panels on the wall? Choose a wallpaper that has the same design.
Give Wooden Panels a White Washed Look

Let’s ‘Lacquer’ Them Up

Lacquered paint is shiny and works like a mirror, making the space look bigger. The glossier the paint that you choose, the greater the shine— hence, more light will be reflected off the shine and certain areas will be highlighted. To get the full impact of the look, engulf the entire room from wall to ceiling into a stunningly beautiful lacquered shade. Teal greens and turquoise colours are quite ‘in’ these days.

Introduce Sleekness with Geometric Textures

Geometric textures create spaces that are modern, sleek and playful. Stencilled designs and shape patterns add balance and proportion to a room. So for instance, if the frame on that wall isn’t centred, geometry can correct the appearance subtly. Stripes and circles are one of the trendiest textured wall designs.

One of the easiest ways to create geometric textures is by using tape. Paint the wall in a white shade or another lighter colour. Now put on tape all across the surface creating triangles or another shape of your choice. Paint the wall with another colour, darker than the first one that you chose. Let the paint dry and then take off the tape. Your newly done wall looks sleek, doesn’t it?

‘Knit’ the Surface

‘Knit’ the Surface
Knitted accents are widely gaining popularity as the new fashionable statement in interior designing. The patterns are associated with lower stress levels and are ideal for workspaces. Choose appropriate shades, and you’ll even be introducing warmth in the room. For the full effect of the texture, adorn the wall with a pretty vase.

Bring on a French Touch with Strie

Strie is a French word which is used for streaking. When chosen for the walls, it makes any room look magnificent, and hence, is often chosen for commercial spaces like hotel lobbies and conference rooms. In your home, this texture would look good in the hall or the living room.

The technique involves creating either horizontal or vertical lines on the wall with paint, making the space look warmer.

Go with a Coloured Washed Wall

Colour washed walls are another way to add depth. Coloured washed walls are often used for living rooms. The layering of two different tones of the same colour creates a soft look. The technique is simple to apply and is a pocket friendly way to update your walls.

Play around with Sponges

Sponged walls add more dimensions and ‘punch’ to the traditional, single coloured, saturated walls. The technique is simple to apply, and doesn’t really require painting skills or expertise.

Roll Rags on the Surface

Yes, really! Doing so sparks a visual interest and adds more depth. Generally, this effect is often preferred for bathrooms and other cramped spaces because of its masks the dimensions and makes the room look more spacious.

Add Some edginess with Ombre Textures

Ombre refers to a style which begins with a single colour but subtly merges into another shade, creating a faded effect. The texture creates a dreamy and mesmerizing look and gives a room a modern look.

So which idea did you like? Which of these textured wall designs are you going to try out?

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