There are many ways to increase your homes value without breaking the bank. In fact, some people can do home improvements, and renovations projects themselves. For the rest of us it typically takes time to save the money necessary to pay for home renovations.

Most home projects are expensive and much of the budget goes to labor costs for demo, and the installation of new materials. But as Cory Real Estate Services says, there are other ways you can quickly spruce up your property, and increase its value, on a budget.

Let us look at how you can make your property feel more like home, while becoming more valuable at the same time.

New Paint

This may be one of the most under rated ways to upgrade your home’s look, feel, smell, and over-all appearance for a low cost. But it is important to choose the right paint for the job your doing that will not only look great, while appealing to market trends and what colors sell for the highest amount.

In other words, try to blend your personal tastes with what current homes for sale in your area have.

Remember that the quality of paint you choose can also have a large impact on the final look area and walls. Check to see which paint your local paint stores have in stock and ask questions to ensure your getting the best.

The way your property looks from the street is called curb appeal and it is one of the most important ways to increase your home’s value, inexpensively.

Choosing the right exterior paint color is imperative. It is easy to check the other homes on your street to get ideas for what colors to paint your property. Often, painting the trim a different color than the exterior walls can add a luxurious, clean, look and feel to any property.

The same goes for the interior walls and trim. Painting the entire interior of a home literally makes it feel new again. The clean look and great smell of fresh paint is more inviting and changes the flow of the property altogether, in a good way.

Painting is a popular way that landlords keep their homes for rent clean, and desirable for new tenants. Plus, it only costs a couple hundred dollars each time they need to paint, keeping costs down and profit margins healthy.


Keeping with the theme of Real Estate curb appeal is outdoor landscaping, which can transform a property’s look from the street. Plus, you can continue making the entire yard beautiful with green plants, trees, and flowers. When you landscape yourself, it provides complete control over which plants go into your garden.

Do not overlook the grass here. Having a healthy lawn is the first step to improving your landscaping. If you have dry patches of dead grass, you can always spread some seed to naturally fill them in. Or, if your lawn looks like weeds it might be time to put down new sod and get a brand-new law of green grass.

Next, installing the right plants around the exterior of your home can have a huge impact on the look and efficiency of your home. Try to put hearty plants and bushes near exterior windows to help keep them cooler during hot summer days. You may want to look at your neighbors’ yards to determine the best look to improve your landscaping job.

Try to make your yard stand out and appeal to the senses. Adding colorful flowers around walkways and down the driveway can really improve the emotional connection you get from seeing natural beauty accenting your property.

Ceiling Fans & Light Fixtures

A simple way to get the biggest bang for your buck is by upgrading your ceiling fans and light fixtures. When your home has old, dilapidated fans and light fixtures the entire property suffers. Especially when you are trying to get the highest return, for your work and time. You can buy fans and upgraded lighting from a local hardware store. These types of upgrades are typically inexpensive, and you can find the style and colors that match your homes feel.

It is especially important that you are certified to install these upgrades though because they are tied into your homes electricity and can cause injuries if not done properly. Ensuring the power is turned off before you attempt to do any work like this is imperative.

The best plan is to hire a professional to take care of the installation process. That way you can rest assured that things are done properly without any risk to you. Plus, the cost is minimal!


Finding small ways to improve your home is easy when you can do it yourself. Moreover, these projects can be done over time, and not all at once. Just like Real Estate agents recommend to their sellers, upgrading your home, using budget friendly techniques can provide the extra

ROI overtime, without the upfront expenses. That way when your ready to sell your property, you will enjoy the highest profits, while proving the new buyers a lovely place to call home.