We live in the XXI century and in terms of comfort of life, it would seem, we have absolutely everything that we can only dream of. Nevertheless, every day more and more new things appear, designed to make our life even easier and more convenient. Here is the brief list of easy to use and install must-haves of our time.

Wireless Doorbell

Wireless Doorbell
Wireless calls operate on the same principle as traditional ones. But there is only one difference – the signal is transmitted not by cable, but by receiving radio waves from the button. This is much more convenient since it allows you to get rid of a pile of wires, in addition, such devices are powered by a battery that does not require a network near the location of the doorbell. Here you will be able to find more about these devices:

Some models have a combined power principle: a battery is inserted into the button, and the speaker is connected to the network in the usual way. The signal is given when the button is pressed. The speaker is equipped with a receiver that reacts to the sent waves and reproduces the sound, notifying the owners of the house that visitors have come to them.

Rag Jelly

A rag-jelly, or as it is called, a liquid rag, will allow you to carry out any cleaning, as it is suitable for furniture, for shoes, and even for a car. The jelly-like texture allows the cloth to penetrate hard-to-reach places, such as the keyboard. A sticky texture makes it easy to get out of the already clean and previously inaccessible places.

Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Robotic Vacuum Cleaner
Today it is not difficult to find this device in the free market. The market of robotic vacuum cleaners includes both low-cost appliances with a minimal set of functions, and expensive devices equipped with various sensors with additional capabilities. Unlike a standard vacuum cleaner, its robotic analog is less noisy, and it is possible to customize the cleaning process on a schedule.

For owners of large living space, a silent automatic machine for maintaining cleanliness will be the best helper. It will freely collect all the dust that has settled under the beds and wardrobes.


Air humidity is the most important parameter determining the comfort and well-being of a person. In the urban environment, the humidity level in the rooms is far from the minimum standard values, which leads us to the need to use various devices to increase the humidity and hygiene of the air. In the modern world, an air humidifier has become an equally important element of home appliances, like a microwave or a washing machine.

It is especially relevant in the climatic zone, where the negative effects of dry air can be particularly acute in winter. Due to the constant warming up of the room, the air becomes dry – and an uncomfortable atmosphere is created.

Security System

White cctv outside the building, security system
Any residential or commercial property needs protection. At present, electronic security and protection systems are being successfully implemented. In general, it consists of several sensors of various types, united in one network and connected to the control panel. The system is set up and controlled from the keyboard, or with the help of key fobs (electronic keys). In case of an intruder entering the object, a signal will be given to the security console, and other warning devices will also be triggered.