Where electrical is one of the most important necessities of work, it can be quite scary if you don’t know its know-how or a good electrical company. But if you live in the area around Copenhagen, Denmark and is in the need of an electrician, fret not! We have compiled a concise list of the top electric installation companies in the area (including the very own ph-el.dk) that you can reach out too. Without further ado:

1. PH-EL & Sikring

PH-EL & Sikring is a multifaceted company that is one of the leading installers for electrical works for domestic, businesses, municipalities and regions. Their wide flexibility and experience work in your favour. Their services include electricity, security systems like camera surveillance, fire protection, cable system installation like tele-data, fibre ABA and AVA. They also offer fire protection and energy optimization. They also offer emergency services.

2. TOP El-Teknik

TOP EL-Teknik is a trusted and authorizes electrical company in Copenhagen. Their motto “We are not satisfied until you are” serves as the ideal image of their bland and they have a long list of satisfied customers in their hands. They offer a wide variety of services from small like repairing broken lamps and circuits to big projects like complete renovation or construction.

3. HHR Elteknik

With thirty years of experience under their belt, HHR Elteknik is one of the most favoured electrical installation company of the locals. Their experience and efficiency are their forte along with their wide coverage area and services. Such as the installation of lighting, switches, alarms, monitoring and communication solutions. They also set up door phones and intelligent systems moreover, they offer inspections and checks of already existing systems too. Their services also include emergency services, not to mention their 24 hours branded service.

4. BBB Plumbing & Entreprenorfirma

BBB is an electric company mastered in domestic services. They provide all and every imaginable electric service for residential buildings, no matter how small or large. They are a favourable choice. Aside from electrical, they also offer the services of painting, plumbing, and repairing walls. If you have two plumbing and electrical issues, they’re the guys to call!

5. Preben Aisen El

The Aisen El electrical company is a versatile company covering residential buildings and business buildings. They offer a wide variety of services in accordance to the need of the work covering all of the basic electrical needs. They are a trusted company, just like its counterparts on the list. They also hold the local experience of forty years of working in the field.

6. Elhjoernet

Elhjoernet is an electrical company with more than forty years of experience, and safe to say a family company. Due to their long history and versatile experience, it can be concluded that they are quite apt at their job. They offer a variety of services including lighting, electrical installation, telephone and internet interwork installation. In addition to that, they offer inspections and checks too.