Stairlifts make life easier for seniors and disabled residents in your home. They are designed to carry people with mobility issues up and down the staircase. The equipment is expected to comply with several safety standards. There are several things you need to consider before installing a stairlift. 

Buying from reputed brands like Stannah Stair lift can minimize the risk of injuries or accidents. Stairlifts should integrate several safety features. They should also be easy to operate. 

Long Arms and Curved Back

It may be best to choose a stairlift that offers ergonomic benefits. Stairlifts generally have long arms to provide arm support to the user. Long armrests also offer a more stable experience. The user can always lean on the armrests if they need additional support. 

Additionally, the armrest will also offer the user added support while sitting down on the seat or getting up. Chairs with curved backs offer better lumbar support. The disabled or senior resident is likely to use the stairlift regularly. Therefore it’s critical to ensure that the lift is comfortable and offers the necessary support for the user. 

You may also want to check if the stairlift model you choose is compatible with your staircase. Stairlifts that are designed for straight staircases may not work for curved staircases. It will also help if the lift comes with a wide seat that the user can comfortably sit on.

Modular Features

Foldable stairlifts are space-efficient. Additionally, foldable stairlifts are not obstructive to other residents of your home. You may consider choosing a stairlift with a chair that can be folded when not in use. You may also check if you can easily fold and unfold the stairlift without physical strain.

Smoothness and Speed

Stairlifts that jerk or bolt while transferring the disabled or senior user may cause accidents or discomfort. Therefore it’s critical to ensure that the stairlift can carry the individual smoothly up and down the stairs. The stairlift should work at a healthy speed that is neither too fast nor slow. Stairlifts that are too fast may cause issues like nausea, while stairlifts that are too slow can be frustrating to use. 

Battery and Electricity Compatible

Most stairlifts, like Stannah stairlifts, operate on electricity. However, it may be best to choose a stairlift that will continue to work even if the power goes out. Stairlifts that can work on batteries and electricity are an excellent choice. You may also want to ensure that stairlift batteries have sufficient charge at all times.

Protective Features

The stairlift should come with a snug yet high-quality seatbelt. The seat belt and other protective features should be simple. The mobility impaired user should have no trouble buckling or clasping the seat belt or other protective belt. Other desirable safety features include retractable seats. 

Users can choose between several stairlift models and types. However, these are some points you need to consider before purchasing one. It should also be easy for the senior or disabled person to sit or get up from the seat. It’s recommended you choose a lift that offers ease of use.