Whether you have water that is supplied by the Municipal authorities or the well, if you do not filter the water, you are bound to fall sick after a few days. Both types of water have some levels of chemicals and bacteria in them. When you talk about well water, it contains arsenic and lead, both of which are extremely harmful for your overall health. At the same time, well water also contains bacteria that can make you fall sick very easily. If you have unfiltered well water, it cannot just harm your health, it can also harm the plumbing system of your entire home. This is why it is always suggested to opt for a whole house filtration system.

How to Filter Well Water?

How to Filter Well Water
Do you use a private well for your primary source of water? In that case, you will have to use a reliable well water test kit so that you are in a better position to determine the best whole house water filtrations system, especially for well water. You will come across several test kits in the market. Most of them involve testing the heavy metal or parasite content of the well water in question.

It also includes mold or bacteria. In order to choose a suitable whole house filtration system for well water, you may have to customize your entire well water filtration system based on the test results.

Contaminants in Well Water That Cause Bad Taste

Contaminants in Well Water That Cause Bad Taste
There are several factors in well water that give rise to the bad taste in such water. Some of the primary sources of contaminants have been discussed below.

  • Bacteria, Parasites, and Amoebae: You will notice that bacteria are one of the most persistent problems common even in clean well water. This is especially true in case of wells that have a risk of contamination from a nearby waste leakage or sewage. Although all types of bacteria do not cause bad odor or taste, they are all harmful for your overall health.
  • Lead: This happens to be a common metal contaminant. Lead is both odorless and tasteless. It normally contaminates water due to old rusted municipal pipes. If you wish to lead a healthy life, it is better to avoid lead altogether.


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