Decorating the home is one of our bucket list things. Most of the times when we wish to decorate the home, either we fall short of ideas or the budget is beyond the reach. Have you ever thought what will you do if there are amazing ideas within your budget? Well, you need or need not hire a professional interior designer for this purpose as here we have the top six interior designs. These designing styles are in the trend for a couple of years.

All of these have their own charm and can change the look of your home completely. They are different from each other and unique in terms of thematic inspiration.

What are the Top Six Types of Interior Designing Styles

Here we have six different styles of interior designs which will blow your mind. Each varies from the other and is theme based designs. The designs are:

  • Contemporary Interior Design
  • Traditional Interior Designing Style
  • Modern Style of Interior Design
  • Mediterranean Interior Designing Style
  • Beach Style Interior Design
  • Mid Century Modern Interior Designing Style

Contemporary Interior Design

Contemporary Interior Design
People often mistakenly think that the contemporary interior design is the modern style of interior design but it’s not. Both the designs are completely different from one another. It is the interior designer Vancouver that uses it in an identical manner. Compared to modern style, the contemporary style is highly fluidic in nature. Besides, it also varies from the point of view of the viewer. The elements of contemporary interior design are:

  • Natural light
  • Open Spaces
  • Textural and natural fabrics are preferred for use
  • Light or dark wood tones are used
  • Neutral colors are highly preferred

Traditional Interior Designing Style

The traditional interior designing style is all about classic designs. The use of wooden furniture made in traditional style is the mark of this design. Also popular as old European style, this type of design is mostly used in cottages. The key elements of the traditional interior designing style are:

  • Wood molding and paneling with elaboration is a huge part of this design
  • The beauty of classic European decorating style reflects in this style of designing
  • Antique pieces are a part of it
  • Silk or velvet touch tiles are mostly used here
  • Classy and sober colors are preferred

Modern Style of Interior Design

Modern Style of Interior Design
As mentioned earlier, the modern style is different from the contemporary style. It is a lot about crisp and clean lines of interior designs. The simplicity of this design is its true beauty. The elements of modern interior design are:

  • The contrast of bold colors with basic colors
  • Geometric pattern
  • Open floors
  • Sleek and smooth surface furniture
  • Asymmetric designs

Mediterranean Interior Designing Style

Though it is pretty famous, it is quite uncommon. As this type of designing requires lots of space, only a few people opt for this design. The pattern of this design makes the interior look smaller from inside. It is more of an ornamental style as you will see lots of arches and columns here. The key elements of Mediterranean Interior Design are:

  • Tiles and Bricks
  • Columns and Arches
  • Designed balconies of large sizes
  • Earthy color tones
  • Large furniture placed all across the floor

Beach Style Interior Design

Beach Style Interior Design
This is a dream design for all sea lovers. If you are a beach person then this has to be the interior design for your home. You will get the exact feel of the beach at home even if you are miles away. Interior designer Vancouver can deliver such amazing designs. Light colors with the blend of turquoise color are all you need. The important elements of beach style décor are:

  • A backdrop painted white
  • Shells and surf placed in different places
  • A breezy and light atmosphere
  • See-through window glass covering
  • Use of natural oak frames

Mid Century Modern Interior Designing Style

A design which was very popular during the ‘90s has now revived as iconic interior design. The design is motivated from the times of Eames, Noguchi, Niemeyer and Jacobsen ages. Here, the essential elements are:

  • Use of molded plastics
  • Plywood and aluminum elements being used in the interiors
  • Clean interior lines
  • Organic styles
  • Retro Danish finish

So which design are you opting for your home’s makeover? Whatever you choose, it must be comforting and should reflect your personality. Soothing interior design is always preferred by most people.