In recent times it seems that we have become overwhelmed with a desire for immaculately clean homes. From being encouraged to ‘Konmari’ our possessions to watching endless reruns of ‘Extreme Hoarders,’ not to mention the recent craze for the spotless ways of Mrs. Hinch, extreme cleaning is something which is making a comeback—but just how important is it to maintain high standards of home hygiene?

If you were raised on the saying, “dirt is healthy,” you may struggle to see the benefits of maintaining a showhome standard. The bad news, however, is that poor hygiene is more than unsightly; it could cause serious harm to your health. Here are some of the top three things which could be hazardous to health, lurking right in your own home.

Bed sheets


Changing bed sheets is an arduous task, and many of us will put it off until it is simply unavoidable. You may think this doesn’t harm you and your family, but studies suggest otherwise. Research shows that each person sheds on average half an ounce of dead skin every week, and this will remain in your sheets until they are washed.

These dead skin cells are the preferred diet for dust mites, and these, in turn, leave debris including fecal matter in your bed. As well as being totally gross, these can have more sinister side effects, such as exacerbating eczema, skin rashes and irritations, and allergies. To prevent this, the top pest control & bed bug exterminators in Los Angeles recommend that you wash bedding at least once a week, at a minimum of 60 degrees to kill any unwanted guests.

Vacuum cleaner

This is likely to come as a shock, as the primary purpose of a vacuum cleaner is, of course, to clean. The issue is that many vacuum cleaners are releasing particles into the air with every use, including bacteria, dust, and allergies. The worst culprits are older models and those lacking the correct filters. For every beautifully vacuumed carpet, you could be releasing all sorts of unwanted nasties into the air in your home. To combat this, the best solution is to invest in a HEPA filter, which works to remove toxins and unwanted particles from the air, leaving it clean and fresh.

Bath mat


Bath mats are so easily overlooked; they give us a warm and dry place rest our feet when getting out of the shower, and accessorize so well with the overall look of the room. How could they possibly cause any harm? In reality, these secret assassins are the ideal breeding ground for potentially dangerous mites, mold, and bacteria.

The absorbent nature of the material traps moisture which falls from your skin, and this, combined with the warm temperatures of the bathroom, makes the mat a prime breeding ground for harmful bacteria to breed. The best way to avoid this is to make sure you are mostly dry while still in the shower, to reduce the mat absorbing excessive moisture. A hot wash twice a month will also help to keep the worst of the unwanted guests firmly at bay!