Buying a new house is always an exciting time, no matter how nervous you are about relocation or how worried you are about making such a huge financial decision. You’re starting a new chapter in life, and nothing can compare to that feeling of finding a place you get to call home. Whether it’s a small apartment, mobile home, old vintage cottage, or a modern, luxury condo, it’s a place that’s entirely your own, and you have complete freedom to do what you want in it. 

Still, there’s something a bit off-putting about stepping into a brand new, unfamiliar house filled with rooms that trigger no memories and show no signs of being lived in. It’s not yet a home. 

And while it takes time to make memories and truly transform a house into a home, there are a few things you can do to feel more comfortable at your new place. Take a look at the top tips for making your house into your dream home. 

Put Your Childhood Memories on Display 

There’s nothing worse than a house with bare walls and no decor to brighten up the place and make it feel more lived in. Even hospitals have a few pleasant pieces of artwork here and there to lift your spirit. 

So, if you’re to make your new house feel more comfortable, you’ll want to do something about those empty walls. You could always support your local artist and order a custom painting, or buy a cute frame with a pleasant picture. But to make your new place feel more familiar, the best thing to do is put your childhood memories on display. 

A few pictures of your childhood home, your family, and your beloved childhood pet can trigger warm memories and help you feel much more at ease at your brand new house. 

Let Your Personality Shine 

When buying a new house, many people are afraid to ruin the aesthetics by painting the walls in their favorite colors or adding decor and furniture that runs the risk of not fitting in. So, unfortunately, most new homeowners try to stick to a minimalistic design and use only neutral colors that they’re sure won’t clash. 

But while neutral tones and minimalistic design are indeed modern and appealing, they’re not for everyone. You shouldn’t be afraid to express your personal style and make your new home authentic. If you like bold, bright colors, don’t be afraid to have an accent wall in your favorite shade. If you prefer darker rooms with limited natural light, don’t be afraid to invest in some heavy curtains. 

If you aren’t exactly sure what your style is, or if you enjoy several different styles, play around. Give each room its own theme and personality. 

Stay on Budget, but Know When Not to Cut Corners 

Investing in real estate is sure to put a dent in your budget, so you’ll likely want to minimize your expenses when decorating your new home. But the best way to cut costs isn’t by buying the cheapest items but by knowing when to splurge. 

You don’t want to cut corners on items and furniture that you’ll often be using. A cheap couch might do the trick for a while, but you’ll find yourself in need of a replacement sooner than you think. On the other hand, a cheap curtain can do the job just as fine as expensive drapery. 

So, make a list of priorities if you want to stay on budget in the long run. A few items that are often worth a heftier price include: 

  • Chairs 
  • Bed 
  • Dining room table 
  • Nightstands 
  • Fixtures 
  • Carpets 

On the other hand, you can get away with buying discount throw blankets, decorative pillows, artwork, and shelves (as long as they’re installed properly). 

Don’t Forget to Think About the Future 

To truly make your house feel like home, you’ll need to think about the future. If you plan on having children, you’ll need to have adequate space for them. 

If you see yourself hosting dinner parties and Thanksgiving each year, you’ll need enough room in your kitchen and dining room, and you’ll likely want to invest a bit more into decorating them. If you want your new house to be your forever home where you’ll grow old, you’ll want to look into aging in place remodeling

The best way to make your house feel like home is by envisioning your future there and preparing it for everything you want to do in it. The more detailed plans you have for the future, the easier it will be to feel at home in your new place. 

Final Thoughts 

It takes a while to adjust to a new house and make it feel like home. After all, it’s the feelings and memories that you make there that make each house feel like the place where you belong. But, there are always a few things you can do to make your place feel more comfortable and familiar. So, give these ideas a try, and see for yourself what a difference they can make.