If there’s one exercise that you can do again and again, what would it be? For a lot of people, it’s yoga. For ages, people from all around the world have embraced yoga as their primary fitness regime. Most choose it for its relaxing properties. Others do it for its easy and accessible nature. While some have a more spiritual and slightly religious affinity for it. Either way, yoga has proven to be an effective exercise for everyone who does it. So much so that it’s one of the few workouts that doctors encourage pregnant women to do.

So wouldn’t it be great if you had your own yoga studio? Well, if you have a home gazebo, you already have a yoga studio. Instead of making it into a hot tub enclosure, turning it into a yoga studio might be better. But how to best do it? Here are some factors you need to take into account.

The Simpler the Better

The Simpler the Better
First’s things first, it’s important to always remember that the simpler space is, the better! This will actually relate to other points on this list, but for now, the sole reason is that yoga studios are just simpler spaces. In fact, you can practically turn any room into your own yoga studio, but doing it to your home gazebo gives you the ample space you need for a more authentic feel. So during the stages of constructing your backyard structure, don’t go for the hot tub spa route with overly complicated architectural designs. If you plan to transform it into a yoga studio, keep the shape and structure basic.

Location is Everything

What makes a yoga studio, or practically any structure for that matter, work? Location, location, location! Like any piece of real estate, your home gazebo’s location should matter just as much as its overall structure. Of course, it’s going to be in your backyard. Though some have theirs in the front yard, this simply won’t work for yoga studios. It won’t even work for hot tub enclosures as well. But if in the backyard, where there should you place it? Two extremes, nearest or farthest from your house, might work the best. When it’s nearer to your home, you’ll have easy access to it regardless of the weather. But when it’s farthest, you’ll have the peace and serenity you need for a good yoga session.

Soundproof It

If you do keep it farthest from your main house, and from your neighbours for that matter, you’re also taking into account another important factor for your studio: soundproofing it. A good yoga studio is a quiet yoga studio, away from all the noises from your main house and from the neighbourhood itself. Though you can always go for all sorts of soundproofing measures in and around your backyard structure, just placing it in the quietest corner in your yard is enough. You also shouldn’t fill it with loud music; soothing nature sounds are enough for the perfect vibe.

Keep it Neutral

Keep it Neutral
Now, think about the colour. Whether your home gazebo is a hot tub enclosure or a yoga studio, keeping it in neutral tones is always a must. This is especially for the interior. If you prefer your backyard structure to pop out with all sorts of crazy colours from the outside, that’s okay. However, you risk getting disturbed a lot of times from peeping Toms and curious Georges asking about that brightly-hued gazebo in your backyard. Would you want that for your yoga studio? Of course not! So for an effective yoga studio, keep both the exterior and interior neutral. White, cream or beige are your best bets.

Know the Right Furniture

If you think a yoga studio is just an empty space where you can stretch your body as wide as you can, think again! A good yoga studio, similarly to a good hot tub spa, needs the right equipment and furniture to make for an effective space. For yoga studios, this includes the right mats, great lighting, and of course, mirrors. Mats are obvious: they make the exercise much more comfortable and safe. When you get too caught up with a particular pose, at least you have the mats to cushion your body. As for mirrors and lighting features, they help maximize the space no matter the actual size of your gazebo.

Space is Vital

Speaking of space, this is extremely important as well. When transforming your home gazebo into a yoga studio, think of how many people can perfectly fit into it when doing yoga. Don’t think of just yourself and maybe a couple of your family members. If that’s the case, you can just do yoga in your living room or in your own rooms for that matter. But when you have enough space for more people to join your yoga sessions and you all won’t be cramped, you have a good yoga studio in your hands. This should also give you a great idea for your next business as well!

Ensure that it’s Fireproof

Ensure that it’s Fireproof
And finally, you may not think about it at first but this is an absolute must: ensure your gazebo is fireproof. Owning a yoga studio will likely force you to fill it with all sorts of aromatic candles to get the right atmosphere, This is all well and good if your yoga studio is fireproof enough. This means, as mentioned earlier, having ample space so that all your candles aren’t too near each other. In fact, this applies to hot tub spas as well! Furthermore, you should also have exits that are easily accessible regardless of how many people are inside the structure. The best way for such is to have wide and multiple exits or to simply keep the gazebo open.

You don’t have to pay big bucks to do yoga in those fancy studios. Your own home gazebo is the perfect place to do it and it’ll be free! Just take into account these factors when transforming it into your own yoga haven.