Bed bugs are small and brownish, they are usually the size of an apple seed and like living in the dark areas like joints of the bed and seams of your mattress. Bed bugs can ruin your mood if they bug you when you least expected. They are troublesome, especially when they have infested across all the rooms of your house, and you can’t get rid of them.

To treat and kill them, you are required to hire an A1 Bed Bug Exterminator in Knoxville because they will know a lot about how to take out bed bugs. Once bed bugs bite you, you will notice some small bumps on your body. Bed bugs leave bruises that leave you uncomfortable and a sensation of scratching now and then.

If you notice during the first day, you might be lucky to eliminate them yourself using some DIY home methods, but you’ll be unfortunate if you wait to kill them later. Depending on how big the infestation is, how many times you travel, how big your clutter is, and many other factors, you may require to call a bed bug exterminator near you. You can purchase some chemicals over the counter, and if you know how to use the chemicals, you might be lucky to eliminate them. You can buy Diatomaceous Earth that is pet-friendly or Pyrethroid-based pesticides.

Where Are the Bed Bugs Hiding?

You spotted the first bedbug in your bed while you were asleep that suggests you should start looking for the bed bugs right from your bed and mattresses.

Ensure when identifying the areas you exhaust them completely. If you are lucky and you just found out when they have not reproduced as much you might end up eliminating them, you can never be sure and that is why you need the help of a bed bug exterminator.

Here are the areas you need to check:

  • the joint where the ceiling meets the wallpaper
  • inside electrical cables
  • seams of a mattress and beddings
  • clefts of a baseboards
  • seams of the couch and the inside and outside the cushions
  • All over the box spring
  • look at the curves of your bed frame and headboard
  • all furniture joints in your house
  • on the wallpaper and wall picture frames
  • cracks all over the house
  • beneath wall paintings and posters placed on the well

How to Handle Bed Bugs

Use a vacuum to get rid of the bed bugs. Use the vacuum cleaner on the carpets, furniture, dresser, bed, and other places you can use. Ensure the dirt and the bed bugs collected from the different surfaces are probably thrown away. And clean the vacuum too.

If you can’t clean the furniture, and it has a heavy bed bug infestation, throw it away and write in bold letters, ‘Bed Bugs’ so no one else takes them home. Separate the items with bed bug infestation from those without an outbreak. Put clothes and beddings in the washer and dryer at very high temperatures. Other materials that cannot be washed place them in a dryer at a very high heat setting.

Other material can be placed in airtight plastic bags and placed in hot temperatures or placed in Nuvan Pro Strips to penetrate and kill the bed bugs. Leave the items for a few months, so you are sure the bed bugs are dead.

Preparation is Essential

Declutter your house of any unnecessary items. Put everything in order and clean your house. Ensure nothing is under the bed, seats, and the walls are clean and free from any painting and posters. When storing unnecessary items, ensure they are free from bed bugs, and avoid carrying items from one room to another to prevent the spread of bed bugs. Nothing should be left close to the wall if your house has cracks, fill them up.

Kill the Bed Bugs

With the help of a bed bug exterminator, you can use chemical and non-chemical treatment methods to kill and eliminate all the bed bugs. If you insist on doing it on your own, you can purchase the following:

  • Pyrethrins and pyrethroids
  • Plant oil-based products like Ecoraider
  • Diatomaceous earth.
  • And many more over the counter pesticides.

Prevent Future Recurrence

Monitor how the treatment works and get advice from experts on how to prevent future bed bug infestations. You can also trap bed bugs by using interceptors on your bed and furniture to capture and measure whether they are still many dying out. If your method required retreatment to ensure you do it or hired an expert, remind them to come over your pace and re-treat the bed bugs.