Summer is the best season to enjoy the outdoors. Despite the heat and sun, summers are when most people love sitting out and enjoying nature. So, what to do when you want to enjoy fresh air but can’t bear the sun? Create a shade in your home exterior to keep away the sun! A cool and cozy exterior is every homeowner’s dream. Especially when you have the space and budget to build a good exterior structure. Neglecting your backyard or garden simply because of the sun is not very smart. You can always find ways to block out the sun. The easiest answer is to build a structure like a pergola to create a shaded space in your exterior. There are other creative alternatives like adding curtains or creating a small canopy, etc. Let us look at some tried and tested ways to keep your exteriors cool this summer. 

Install Outdoor Shades

Those who have a patio or deck can also face issues of sunlight and heat. Outdoor shades are the most common and simple answer to all your sun problems. These shades come with a wide range of options in fabric types and colors. You can choose which type of shade you want based on your decor needs and your budget. Plus, installing motor shades can give you more freedom to use the shades as per your needs. Since these shades are retractable, you can use them to shield from harmful sun rays, dust, and pollution while the sun is out and retract them later. It’s a very simple and sensible solution to keep your patio or deck cool and comfortable even in hot summers. Plus, entertaining family and friends becomes so much easier with these shades. They give you the flexibility of choosing to let sunlight in fully or partially or completely block it if you want. 

Use Retractable Awning

Another good way to keep the sun out but not permanently is to use retractable awnings. Awnings look great in any exterior design. You can use them when you want shade and retract them when you don’t. You can choose either manually operated or motorized awnings. And you also get a variety of options in fabrics and colors. What’s more, you can also use sun protective fabrics that keep you safe from harmful UV shades.

Hang Curtains in Your Exteriors

Curtains are the age-old answer to sunlight that has been prevalent since ancient times. With curtains you can easily block sun rays and bring shade and coolness to the area. If you have a patio or deck, adding curtains to its perimeter can give you shade as well as bring some interest to the decor. Flowing curtains in various colors can bring privacy and give the outdoors a whimsical feel. 

Build a Gazebo or Pergola

A small Gazebo or Pergola in your backyard or garden can become a place to sit and enjoy the view. Building a pergola or gazebo has many advantages. Not only is it great for the decor but it also adds value to your home. When you want some partial shade but don’t want to cut off the sun completely, pergolas are a good option. They give partial shade and create a wonderful ambience in the garden. You can use trellis and grow beautiful plants to bring more shade or hang curtains to create a private space in the pergola. If you want permanent shade in the garden you can build a gazebo in the garden. With its roof and open sides, it can effectively block the sun yet keep the space open and airy. You can hang curtains or shades on the sides to block the sun and create a private space.

Make a Canopy

Canopies are whimsical and beautiful. They remind us of wedding decorations or circus arrangements where grand canopies brought an exotic feel to the decor. Indeed, canopies have a very festive look and can set the mood for a fun-filled time. Having a small canopy in your backyard can effectively block the sun while creating a festive mood and bringing vibrancy to the space. It can create a very classic, whimsical feel. 

Add a Straw Roof

Instead of a solid building or structure, you can also go for alternative options like a straw roof. Adding a straw roof to a pergola or gazebo can also ensure you get enough shade while having the sides open to let the breeze in. A straw roof can also keep the temperature lower than that of a concrete roof, thus making the place cooler. Plus, it also looks great and gives the place a beachy vibe. 

No matter which of the above methods you choose, keeping your exteriors cool and comfortable in summers is not as hard as you think!