Ever experienced zorbing? An activity that can make your dreams of walking on water and sliding down hills true is all what zorbing is about.

What makes it more interesting is all this is possible because of a simple sphere hollow ball. Now, these balls also have some types and varieties from which people can choose what comforts them the most.

So, read on this complete guide over types of Zorb balls and what can be the best for you. Let’s get started.

Types Of Zorb Balls

As you might know, a zorb ball primarily has only two forms, dry ball or aqua ball. These two then have various varieties with different and unique features of their own, making zorbing moments unforgettable for you. Here’s what you need to know:

Ground zorbing balls

These are one of the most commonly purchased zorb balls in the market. Perfect for running, jumping, tumbling, rolling around and having a gala time with your friends on the ground, this ball is the perfect fit for the dry zorbing lovers. 

It’s made of a 1 millimetre thick, transparent but strong plastic. Having measurements of upto 12 feet in diameter, it can firmly hold persons with height of max 8 feet. It’s PVC material makes it lightweight, durable and elastic too. 

Furthermore, it can be brought both with or without harness, depending upon the customer’s choice. So, have a great slide down the hill with one of these.

Water zorbing balls

That’s another one of the basics, which is most loved by the kids. These balls would let you and your partner walk, run and play on water inside a circle. 

Inflatable water zorb balls are provided with the high grade straps and handles ensuring full safety along with the endless fun. In addition to this, high-grade rubber and latex is also constituted in the ball to make it puncture and hole resistant. 

Water balls can also be customised in sizes too. Hence, with these in your life, floating on water would definitely be a dream come true!

Snow zorbing balls

Keeping land and water in mind, how can one forget the snow? Snowy surfaces demand some zorbing fun too. That’s where snow zorbing balls come to your rescue. 

However, such fun poses little risks because snow doesn’t provide much friction to the ball making it very difficult to move and increasing the chances of the ball freezing. Hence, this must be practised only under professional supervision.

It has in box some unique product details like having a nylon rope attached and inclusive of Stainless Steel D Ring, to basically make the ball more safer and warmer for you. Hence, if you are willing for a risk, go for it!

Bubble ride balls

When it comes to thinking of something out of the box, bubble rides are the first thing to pop up! Bubble zorbing is a rather new way of enjoying while riding or playing intense games of football and soccer. 

These semi spherical balls fit your upper body- head area and then you have full control over the rest of your body, unlike the normal zorb balls. Often in games, after wearing it, even if you collide with a player or fall, your head won’t even feel a thing. 

Hence, with this unique helmet ball, you get both fun and safety. So, all the football lovers, do start planning your next game wearing these!

Therefore, now you know all the different types of the zorb balls in the market to choose from. But, how to know which one’s best for you? Let’s find out!

Knowing The Best Zorb Ball Fit For You

Standing in the shop and confused on what Zorb ball is worth your money? Keep these tips in mind before you decide to buy Zorb ball:

  • Decide on which surface you want to do zorbing, land/water/snow.
  • Keep in mind the budget. Water, snow and bubbles often cost a lot more than a normal dry Zorb ball. 
  • Whether you want to zorb alone or with company. In the latter case, you can’t buy the snow one.

In case you are wondering where to find these balls, Kameymall would be the right choice! Getting affordable and quality zorb balls is all the store’s motto is. Hence, happy zorbing with your loved ones!

Final Words

To conclude, zorbing is an amazing way to have some fun only because of the magic of these massive zorb balls. Zorb balls come in a lot of variety, depending upon which surface you want to zorb on. 

To name them, different types of zorb balls include dry, water, snow and bubble ride zorb balls. Choose what you want and satisfy your choices to make the right purchase.

Hope this article helps fulfil your purpose.