While you want your home to look good, you also want to make sure it is livable. This means it needs to be a comfortable, safe, and happy place for your family to live. Sure, you could live in just about any place with four walls and a roof, but you want to enjoy your time in your home, not just tolerate it.

Thankfully, there are a variety of things that you can do to make your home more cozy and comfortable. Here are some of the most underrated ways to help you enjoy your space more than ever before.

Add a Screen Room

One way to make your home more livable is to increase the number of places throughout the house that you can comfortably spend time in. This includes creating comfortable and fun outdoor spaces for relaxing and entertaining.  

While we all like spending time on our decks and in the yard, there are some drawbacks, such as dealing with bugs and a lack of protection from the elements.

Thankfully, there is a way to spend some time outside while still being protected, and that is with a screen room. This is a covered deck or porch that protects you from the common annoyances of being outside, while still allowing you the ability to get some fresh air.

Consider working with professionals who specialize in creating these spaces, such as PW Home Improvement, to help make sure the process goes smoothly. These expert servicers will help you choose the design and ensure the screen room fits seamlessly with your home.

Address the Lighting

The lighting in the home is also a great way to improve the livability of the space. The right light can change the mood of a space and make it much more comfortable. Of course, you want to make sure that you can see everything throughout the home properly, so don’t overdo the dim lighting in important areas such as the kitchen and bathroom. 

Lighting also improves livability through making a home look more spacious, and provides more depth throughout the home. Choose different lighting for your different rooms. Some parts of the homes should be well-lit with brighter lights, while others might look better with softer and more dimmed lighting. Consider new technologies such as smart lighting, so you can effectively change the lighting in the room whenever you like, without getting new bulbs or fixtures. 

Ensure the Indoor Temperature Is Comfortable

For a home to be livable, it also needs to be a comfortable temperature. If it is too hot or too cold, it certainly won’t be a pleasant place to relax or spend time with your family. Investing in air conditioning and a high-efficiency furnace makes it easy to achieve the desired temperature in only a matter of minutes.

In addition to controlling the heating and cooling in the home, you also need to find and seal any air leaks. These allow the outdoor air into your home, thus making it harder to keep your home at the temperature that you desire. There are a couple ways to detect air leaks, and they can help you learn exactly where the issue is that you need to deal with.

By having consistent and comfortable temperatures throughout the home, you can freely hang out and relax anywhere, without worrying about it being too hot or too cold.

Making Your Home More Livable

Any of these ideas are underrated ways to make your home more livable. While there are many more, these will get you on your way to getting more use and enjoyment out of the different areas of your home.