Every Filipino’s dream is to own a home. 

Before, it’s quite difficult to secure one. But now, it is very feasible. 

With the booming economic development of the country, real estate investment is very promising. 

Benefit from the fast appreciation rate of real estate in the Philippines. 

Purchase a property today. 

Understand more about this market. 

Get your facts straight why real estate investment is good. 

Perks of Real Estate Investment

Are you in doubt about your land purchase? 

Is it worth it? 

There are a lot of advantages to this kind of investment. 

Here are some of the proofs of why real estate investment is good. 

Valuable Investment

A property purchase has always been an ideal investment. 

Real estate can make your future brighter. 

For example, the house you’re staying for a long time increases its property value. In return, it will give you a substantial return on investment. 

This is great proof that your real estate investment is good. 

Building Equity

A real estate investment means you have a monthly mortgage payment as an obligation. A portion of this reduces the loan amount you owe. 

As time goes by, your home value increases. Thus, it creates more equity for you. 

From here, you can see how good a real estate investment is. 

Real Estate Investment1

Remarkable Tax Deduction

Owning a home have some perks when it comes to your tax. 

A significant amount is deducted from it. Moreover, a certain closing cost and loan discount points are tax-deductible. 

With these tax deductions, a remarkable amount of money is returned to you. Save more with your real estate investment. 

Create a Good Credit History

Real estate investment indirectly helps your credit history. 

Of course, you used a loan for your property purchase. Your mortgage is paid on a monthly basis. 

On-time payments prove that you’re a good borrower. Thus, building a good credit history. 

A good credit score means you have a low disapproval rate in future loan applications. 

One way or another, a credit score is affected if a real estate investment is good. 

Pride of Ownership

One of the reasons for real estate investment is the pride of ownership. 

Having your name after a home is like a dream come true. You can basically do anything to it. 

Paint your house with your favorite color. Attach permanent fixtures according to your liking. Decorate your home the way you want it. 

Unlike when you are only renting in an apartment. You have to follow a certain restriction on it. 

The perks of real estate investment are innumerable. Look for a good offer. Assess if it fits your needs. This way, you can assure that real estate investment is good. 

How to Earn with the Real Estate Investment

To make a real estate investment successful, choose the right type of estate. 

There are many possible money-making opportunities for you. 

Here are the top choices in the Philippines. 

Real Estate Investment3

Long-Term Residential Rentals

Buying properties at a low price and selling them at marked-up prices is common in the country. Filipinos are very familiar with long-term residential rentals.

If you are interested in this venture, do your research. Find a great location if you’re after long-term residential rentals and get the best property management software to keep your daily work down. Tenants will come after you if your spot is near a commercial business district and university.

Decide thoroughly to ensure that your real estate investment is good. 

House Flipping

Generate profit even to unattractive properties. Make necessary renovations and improvements for it. See how incredible the selling value is after the makeover. 

House flipping requires good business contracts. You wouldn’t want an amateur to do a home renovation. You might lose the property value unexpectedly. 

Do it the right way. This will guarantee that your real estate investment is good. 

Contract Flipping

Contract Flipping is relatively a low-risk real estate investment. 

Simply find a distressed property seller. Legally put their property under contract. Assign the contract to an active buyer. 

It’s a lot easier if you have a motivated buyer beforehand. 

A lot of investors prefer contract flipping. Why? No need to put down a lot of starting capital. 

Vacation Rentals

Many travelers are willing to rent on tourist locale in the Philippines. 

Isn’t it nice if you own a condominium or property in places like Tagaytay and Palawan?

Turn your vacation home into a substantial passive source of income. Post it up on Condotels and Airbnb. Put it up for rent. See how many travelers are interested to pay for it. 

Real estate investment is simpler than expected. Nevertheless, generating profit is not only limited. Always check the location and amenities first. 

Real estate is so common among Filipino investors. This type of investment is actually easy and hassle-free. Gather the correct information and surround yourself with trusted people. Secure if your real estate investment is good.