As 2019 is now well underway, it might be time to give your kitchen a facelift. There are many ways to do this, including an entirely new design or simply just changing a few things around.

One of the most popular decorative ideas has always been rearranging the flooring, and this year is no different. A new floor can take an otherwise drab kitchen space and accentuate it, transforming any kitchen into a thing of beauty.

This year there are many unique kitchen flooring ideas and trends to look at. Each one has their own unique charm. Consider some of these examples:

Naturally-toned Tiles

Amazing of Kitchen Flooring Ideas For Interior Design And Best 25 Floors On Picture
The dominant look this year would be tiles that have a plethora of colors, with various hues of brown, gray, off-white and even some marble stripes enmeshed between.

One of the things kitchen designers are going for this year would be to lay flooring that is not just something to walk on; rather, it also evokes feelings to everyone in the room.

In the case of these naturally-toned tiles, one can’t help but think of a nearby rock garden with a nearby stream or a regal park in the middle of New York City or London.

Perhaps one of the reasons so many individuals tout this design would be because it definitely evokes a sense of peace and comfort for residents and guests alike.

Long Pieces Flooring

Long Pieces Flooring
The “Long Pieces” style of made up of moderately grayish brown tiles in a subway-piece setting. This flooring is great for those who are looking for a more contemporary look, but who also want to maintain a large degree of elegance.

The style is definitely easy on the eyes, and it will also often be very durable since it often comes in vinyl. This type of flooring is also usually water resistant, which makes it a great choice for a high-traffic kitchen. Moreover, it can be great for those on the budget.

The long planks of this style will give it a cottage style and a family-friendly atmosphere. The beige coloring of the long piece design will go with a lot of different kitchen counters and cabinets as well.

Herringbone Tile

Herringbone Tile
One of the kitchen flooring options that has taken the world by storm right now would have to be the Herringbone design. One of the main reasons for its popularity would be because this design has the ability to add timeless character to whatever setting it might be placed upon.

It doesn’t matter if it is a throw pillow, rug, carpet, or yes, kitchen flooring, this pattern has worked some magic so far in these early days of 2019. The Herringbone style is usually presented in a long-plank design, and there are many first-time, younger homeowners that are picking up this design for their kitchen.

Since Herringbone is truly one of the “in” things in kitchen flooring, there are many ideas for how to present it better. One major recent theme would be to showcase the herringbone style with a solid white color. Another major idea is to illuminate the herringbone with a neutral gray.

If an individual really wants to stand out, they might utilize herringbone with a dark-gray color. One of the great things about this tile is that it makes a great background for a wall too!

If you are not sure how to incorporate herringbone into your current design scheme, you can always go with a company like Wolds Kitchens and Interiors that stays up to date on all of the current kitchen designs.

Small Pattern Styles

Small Pattern Styles
There is also kitchen flooring in today’s market that has a large assortment of small patterns in their design. Flooring with a small pattern is a great way to accommodate a smaller kitchen and still make it eye appealing to all visitors to the home.

Depending on the design you choose, a tile with a small pattern can spruce up a smaller kitchen by adding an immense amount of depth to it. Moreover, long gone are the days where you absolutely have to lay your kitchen flooring down in a straight angle.

Did you know that you can lay these small pattern tiles out diagonally and it will make your kitchen look bigger? The only caveat is that diagonal laying of your tile will require more cuts where they meet the wall.

In Conclusion

All of these kitchen flooring designs will be sure to make your house or apartment the number one place for entertaining. There is no question you will be the recipient of many comments after choosing any of these unique flooring styles!