A patio is typically a paved area that is outside the back of your property. It can be covered or without a roof, depending upon your needs. Patios have different uses; some people use them as a searching or dining area, to showcase potted plants, or as an outdoor cooking space. Gone are the days of simply ignoring this space or using deck chairs on it as a seating area. The possibilities for your patio are endless. Additionally, a patio can add value to your property. So if you’re thinking of making yours a bit more snazzy, continue to read on.

Extend your Living Space

Many of us are starting to utilize outdoor space, whether it’s a garden and patio, as an extension of our home. This means a patio is no longer an ungrassed area that is ignored; it is actually has a purpose. For example, you may want to have an outdoor cooking space that has a workstation alongside a pizza oven and barbecue. If you have the room, you could also include an outdoor dining set. This does not have to be used just for eating on, it can also double up as a place for your children to do homework, especially on a warm summer’s evening. 

If cooking outside isn’t for you, then perhaps having a bar and seating area is more your thing. To make it truly an extension of your living room, patio doors that open out onto your patio would create the ultimate extension of your living room or kitchen area. Gone are the days of uncomfortable deck chairs, now you can purchase an outside sofa and daybed to add the ultimate comfort factor to your days outside. Throw in a couple of bean bags and large cushions, you have a place ideal to catch up with friends, whilst enjoying a few drinks. You could even throw an outdoor movie night, using a projector to ensure that everyone can see the movie. You truly are only limited by your imagination.

Grow a Mini Garden for your Kitchen

Patios are often close to kitchens and, if yours is, perhaps consider creating a mini fruit, veg, and herb garden to compliment your cooking? If you have any children, it’s a great way to introduce them to cultivating their food and understanding the growth process of some things they eat. Most gain a lot of satisfaction from eating what they have grown. The added bonus of doing this is knowing your fruit, veg and herbs are organic. Furthermore, micro herbs are all the rage, so adding them as decoration to complement your cooking will add that extra finesse.

Perhaps another bonus of growing a mini garden is that not everything requires to be grown in pots on the ground, so this is where you can get truly creative. For instance, strawberry seeds can be put in a hanging planter, whereas tomatoes can go into a grow bag tray and your cilantro in a plant pot. Think about planting things in different containers to create the ultimate min garden. Use containers that can be raised to not only provide you with more room but add a different dimension to things typically growing from the ground up. Think of your color scheme and the atmosphere you want to create. Plan a mini garden for your kitchen that can be used all year round to complement your food and looks great too.

Accessorise your Patio

This is where you can really stamp your own personal touch to your patio. There are no hard and fast rules to how to accessorize it, although you may need to take into account the different weather you may encounter and your needs. For instance, if you are living with a relative with mobility issues, you may need to ensure the area is free from steps and your patio doors are wide enough for them to safely walkthrough. If you have children, you may want to use that as an extra play area, perhaps with a mini sandpit or inflatable pool. 

You may want to do away with chairs and have bean bags to create that ultimate Bohemian feel. Add a mini log burner then you have light and warmth for those late nights. You could have a water feature as a main focal point or ornaments surrounding a few plants to create a border or privacy between your patio and the rest of your garden.

Light and Shade

Although day and night will obviously affect the light and shade of your patio, what we mean here is adding light or shade to create an outside ambiance. Using outdoor fairy lights can provide an intimate atmosphere to your gathering. They come in a variety of patterns and colors, meaning you will find lighting that will suit your event or even your personality. Outdoor fairy lights are particularly useful if it becomes too dark to be without light and patio light is too bright. In contrast, you can create shade or privacy by adding screens. Again, the styles and patterns available mean you are spoilt for choice and there are some cracking natural alternatives if you want permanent screening, such as willow or bamboo. Consider them an investment as they can be repeatedly used. What’s more, they are also easy to install.

Change the Surface

If your patio’s surface is looking old and dated, why not consider renovating the area and adding a new surface to rejuvenate it? You may need to get professionals to do this for you, so do your research beforehand. The last thing you want is to ruin your patio surface and pay more to repair it. Ideally, the material will be durable and not slippery to avoid accidents, especially during wet weather. You could choose decking or tiles to create something completely different from what you previously had, perhaps even including a pattern using your chosen material.

Your patio can have a renewed life using some or all of the above tips, or even some of your own. The best thing about sprucing up your patio is you can do it however you want – it really is down to you. With no wrong or right way to renovate this space, you are free to change it according to the seasons or events you plan to host on it. It’s time to reclaim that space as your new living area, so make the most of it.