To determine the type of repair your water heater needs, you must first observe the signs that tell you that something is wrong with the heater. Instead of immediately calling a professional plumbing company that can undertake all kinds of water heaters, first try to understand the problem which often you can set right by yourself. Only if you find that the problem is beyond your scope that you should call a professional plumber as this saves some money and the waiting time for the plumber to attend to the problem.

How old is the water heater?

water heater
Aging is one of the reasons for water heaters giving problems, and if it is 10-12 years old, then it is time to replace it. Ideally, you must stay alert when water crosses the eight-year mark because from then its condition starts deteriorating. Some basic water heater problems are very much repairable by homeowners themselves. Luckily, most water heater problems are self-revealing and are easy to understand.

No hot water

The most common problem is that there is no hot water coming from the water heater, which means that the heater is not working. The kind of repair needed will depend on whether the energy source is gas or electric because the working technologies are different. Moreover, the equipment used for converting energy into heat is also different.

Homeowners cannot repair gas water heaters, but they can do some small repairs with electrical heaters. If it is an electrical heater first check if the power supply is okay, then the heating element could be at fault and needs replacement.

Water is not hot enough

Water is not hot enough
The outside temperature influences the temperature setting of the water heater. When the outside temperature is very cold, the water heater needs more time to heat. You must set the temperature dial on the body of the water heater accordingly. Sometimes mineral deposits in the water heater tank reduce the efficiency of the heater and flushing out the tank can clean it and restore the effectiveness of the water heater.

Discolored or smelling hot water

If the hot water has some typical smell, check if the same problem happens with cold water. If it happens for both, then there is some problem with the water source that only a plumber can help to resolve. Discolored hot water results from iron, copper, and other mineral deposits. To get rid of it, install a water filtration system for the entire home, or use a water softener can solve the problem.

Noise from water heater

Noise from water heater
Sometimes water heaters make noises due to hard water scaling on the water heater walls or due to expansion and contraction of the metal parts or the electrical heating element. Flushing out the water tank every few months helps to avoid scale formation, and a magnesium or aluminum anode rod inserted from the top of the water heater reduces corrosion.

However, if the volume of water hot water is less, then the water heater is too small for your requirement, and you must replace it.