10 Best T.V Unit Styles for Your Living Room 

Built-in TV Unit

A TV unit custom-built into a wall or alcove, seamlessly blending with the room's design. 

Open Shelving TV Unit

A TV stand with open shelves for displaying books, decor, or media devices. 

Console TV Unit

A compact stand with drawers or cabinets to store media accessories and hide clutter. 

Floating TV Unit

A wall-mounted TV stand that creates a sleek, modern look with space underneath. 

Floor-To-Ceiling TV Units

Tall units spanning from floor to ceiling, offering ample storage and display space. 

Minimalist TV Units

Simple, clean designs with sleek lines and minimal ornamentation for a modern vibe. 

TV Unit with a Workspace

Combines a TV stand with a small desk or workspace, ideal for multitasking.

Swivel TV Unit

Allows the TV to rotate for flexible viewing angles, perfect for open living areas. 

TV Units with a Home Bar

Add up a bar cabinet or countertop within the TV stand for entertaining. 

Multi-Functional TV Units

Versatile designs that combine TV storage with other functions like seating or storage.