10 Home Design Ideas for a 2BHK House

Functional Design

Every element in this 2BHK home is useful. The smart TV unit holds entertainment and sets ambiance. Dining bench offers storage. Balcony becomes a bar area with foldable countertops.

Thoughtful Touches

Patterned wallpaper, stone cladding walls; LED strip lighting maximizes visibility. Transparent shower cubicle adds airy feel, inviting spaciousness.

Family-focused design

Master bedroom for peace, children's space for creativity. Dining area creates connection. Cherish memories in cozy, stylish home.

Space Optimization

Efficient use of Storage bench, floor-to-ceiling wardrobe maximize functionality, ensuring clutter-free living in this optimized design.

Color Selection

Intentional color choices like Blush pink chairs radiate warmth; yellow and white accents energize the children's bedroom, enhancing mood and ambiance

Natural touch

Bamboo paneling in master bedroom, stone cladding in children's bedroom bring nature indoors, adding texture, warmth, and outdoor connection.

Lighting Design

False ceilings with cove lights in living room and master bedroom, LED strip lighting in kitchen, bathroom; modern touch.

Versatile furniture

Sectional sofa in living room offers ample seating, lounging; bunk bed in children's room maximizes vertical space, storage.


LED lighting reduces electricity consumption, providing sustainability and creating an eco-friendly living environment in this modern 2BHK home.


Artwork, furnishings, and decorative arrangements reflect homeowners' unique tastes and preferences, provides personality into this 2BHK home.